1. You already fucked up. You either accept this or move on. The moment my SO approaches me with this idea, I’m done. If you have doubts about things, it’s already ruined.

  2. The only person ‘allowed’ to have a gun in any school I’ve attended was police officers, but they can bring guns nearly anywhere while on duty

  3. Have you had experience with wds from gabap? What were they like for you?

  4. I’m on them for nerve pain. Prescribed 600mg 2x daily. I have almost zero issue coming off then abruptly, most w/d I get is muscle aches and skeletal pain when laying down. For example, I haven’t touched my script in 2 weeks

  5. This is in no way next level but I’m glad you had fun

  6. It’s sad that in situations like that they are lulled into comfort that it’s normal

  7. I lost my virginity at 15 with a similar age disparity, over 15 years later I definitely wouldn’t have made a different choice looking back. Romeo and Juliet laws actually make it legal in some states (3-4 year age difference isn’t considered rape, if you’re at least 14 years of age).

  8. I thought romeo and juliet laws only applied if you were both minors when the relationship started

  9. Yeah I’m pretty much with you on that. In my state age of consent is 16 though, so literally I could go bang a 16 year old right now and it’d be totally legal even though I’m 30+. Now THAT’s creepy

  10. One small meal and a very large late dinner, usually. I don’t do fast food or microwave food, so cooking only happens at night and then we eat the leftovers for lunch!

  11. Hahah my cat does this to my girlfriends water glass constantly, but never mine! It’s too funny

  12. I had just arrived home from work when I wanted to take the dog out for his walk. Normally I'd wait but this time my big dog named Yammy would not stop whining and protesting near the door. This usually means he wants to go out to either walk or poop. Again I was tired so I called out to my husband who was showering this detail will become important soon.

  13. Nah he still got plenty of excuses. This time he's just gonna publicly ask to only give him cans on losing streaks.

  14. Afroman been having a tough time since those cops raided his house.

  15. It’s like a holdover of early reddittiqute. Most subs had it as a legit rule that posting empty replies was banned or you’d get mass downvotes (like posting lol, or ha ha, etc). Definitely a bygone rule from the early days of Reddit, didn’t know anyone cared anymore

  16. At this point, I haven’t been in college for 25+ years and I’m still paying. The loans have been sold, re-sold, in collections, sold again, consolidated, re-consolidated… and I owe more than I started with still. I’m done. Fuck them.

  17. They just take my income tax return every year. 10k forgiven would actually cover the rest that I owe. Would be nice to get tax returns again

  18. If you got a good boss they’re on board with it

  19. Been serving and bartending for about 6 years now, I’ve never had to declare anything outside of credit card tips or pooled functions

  20. Puts on narcan. There’s a drugs store opening, and if it survives the judicial process, their heroin will be consistent in purity.

  21. Yeah I’m with you. I was able to function at a fairly high level white collar job while addicted to heroin for 10 years. Eventually it all catches up with you and you can’t pay bills and you total a few cars, but crack and meth destroyed people in a matter of months. I quit when fent started being cut into everything so no real idea how that goes, though

  22. I still need to get on Days Gone. I’ve been saying I want to play it but there’s just too many games and not enough time.

  23. Super fun game, I don’t get all the hate it got. Just make sure you don’t run out of gas in the early game and once it’s leveled up a bit it’s no issue

  24. "why are you home all day you should be knocking on doors, follow up in person" horrible idea

  25. Depends on your industry. As a bartender/server, this has gotten me multiple jobs

  26. Yeah definitely not lol. I was in very high level corporate sales before driving to gtfo, knocking on doors might not be the best approach

  27. If this isn’t an open relationship you might legitimately be autistic

  28. A large majority of men who do this kind of shit also get jealous if a man even looks at their women. Y’all are so greedy lol

  29. My girl likes to go with me, it’s not uncommon. I’m friends with another couple that goes together a few times a year, sometimes we’ll join in. I’m not the biggest fan anyway

  30. "Hi my name is Jason Underdoors and I'm really good at slipping under doors but my parents didn't name me Slip but you take what you can get, am I right? Anywho, why call a locksmith when you can call 1-800-Underdoors? I'll get you right back to there in no time"

  31. My wife keeps making fun of me because I keep saying I won't watch anything new from them. "Yes Honey, I know, it'll just get cancelled."

  32. Honestly I think 1899 was worth watching even though it got cancelled.

  33. Your post history shows you’ve been hung up on this for a little under a year. You broke up when he went to rehab and he found someone else. You seem highly co dependent and I would urge you to forget about this guy and move on, because he’s clearly done the same to you

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