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  1. Btw she was gravid and gave me 5 egg sacs before passing away. I miss her. The smallest of her egg sacs was over 100 babies 😂. I should have lots of Audax running around and a large number of people now have babies I started from her.

  2. I can't properly express how pleased I was to get this update <3 That's lovely, I'm glad you had that time together and she was able to spider so successfully!

  3. Hey, yeah that's me haha. It's been almost a decade, so if you remember me from then that's crazy!! :) I've started playing it again for the memories and man, I missed this game. Still got some toxic scrubs, but muting voice chat is hella easy.

  4. Same actually, haha! Gosh, what a blast from the past. A salute!

  5. Oh heck, I remember that!! Do you know if it's still posted somewhere? It'd be nice to go back down memory lane.

  6. The jumping spider?? Is VERY small, like…1/4” at most. The enclosure is a 40 gallon tank

  7. Oh, yes, the spider, sorry haha. Honestly, that's adult size in some species, and not even the extreme smallest ones. Sounds big enough that it might not go for springtails (although if you do catch it nomming them, that's 1. fabulous and 2. a nice snack source). Crickets can sometimes injure or kill spiders -- not often, but definitely a thing, and even mealworms can sometimes if the spider is a bit slow and doesn't attack it from the right angle. Up to you how worrity you'd be, if the lil buddy is fully capable of leaving the enclosure themself (how did you get in, ya scamp!)

  8. They definitely found their way in so I’m sure I’d they wanted to leave they’d find their way out. Thanks for the tips. I’ll let nature do it’s thing I suppose. There are also isopods somewhere in the enclosure sooo maybe another snack??

  9. I reckon that's a little less likely unless your isopods have very soft carapaces compared to the usual -- most spiders don't really go for 'em because of that, outside of specialists like Dysderidae who have big old extra-bitey chompers for getting through it. So your 'pods are probably safe?

  10. Thank you! New to this and trying to ID the jumpers in my yard 😁

  11. Doubt it, the big eyes are much too big. Probably just an ordinary wolf spider.

  12. Oh, you managed to get a lovely shot of her doofus eyes, I love it.

  13. Is that a normal thing to see blue like that on their eyes?

  14. LMAO I looked at it and was like "huh, looks like a funky Plexippus p-- oh, it's a Plexippus species". It's funny how some things are shared even when they go all out on their other decorations.

  15. Wow, that's an incredible slow-mo! I love how she gathered her front legs in right at the start -- feels like the spider equivalent of making a jump from a standstill.

  16. His body shape reminds me of the typical jumpers, unlike the tan jumping spiders. But I have no idea. He is naked, which is why I’m not sure of his kind.

  17. See if you can get a photo from the top showing the weird pattern of his butt :)

  18. Apparently there are some species of funnel weaver which only live a year anyway, although others may live longer. You could try and get your buddy identified to at least genus level over at

  19. Gosh, this is a different individual from the other you posted?

  20. Wait, so you guys actually want spiders in your house? That is so awesome lol

  21. I moved some of mine as well. Not all of them -- I was kind of a mess at that time and not functioning well -- but I caught a couple that I could reach and brought 'em over. There are some species which make quite nice housemates -- pholcids (cellar spiders) thrive indoors and don't move about much, although they do make rather messy webs, and oecobiids (wall spiders) are very tiny and very polite roommates who stay on the walls and don't even make much web. Most spider friends do better outside, but it's nice to have well-adapted ones on the inside too.

  22. sudden need to research which ones the american Common Brown House Spider is

  23. Heh, well, "house spider" is a moniker that gets slung on a lot of different spiders, but if it's brown and American and called that I assume it's likeliest you're referring to Parasteatoda tepidariorum, a type of cobweb spider (it is round but has a slightly pointy butt). I assume it does okay but I don't have any personal experience sharing a house with 'em.

  24. It's one of the golden-silk orb-weavers -- probably a Trichonephila species. If you live in the US, the one you are most likely to encounter is T. clavipes. There is also an Old World species T. clavata which has been making its way over the sea, but I don't think this is that.

  25. Some kind of Araneus orb-weaver; might be able to get more definite if you provide a geographic location per the sub rules :P

  26. Oh sorry. It’s Washington state. This is only the second time I’ve seen it in the web. No doubt it’s hungry and thirsty. Don’t think it gets much time to eat due to the constant destruction of the web. Luckily, the dog will be gone for a few days. Should I just spritz the web tonight and throw a fly into it?

  27. Prolly A. diadematus then -- sometimes called the cross orb-weaver. That sounds like a great plan! Hopefully eventually she will get the hint that this is a crappy location for web-building, if you don't get to her first :>

  28. She's much paler than I'm used to seeing, but perhaps it's the lighting -- I figure she's Neoscona, probably N. crucifera, just a bit washed out by the brightness.

  29. Aren’t wasps more ant sisters than bee sisters?

  30. Ants, bees, and wasps are all part of order Hymenoptera. I checked to see if there was more fine-grained relatedness that could be in play, but there's nothing that includes all of [bees/wasps/ants] but excludes one or both of the other two types.

  31. I pack a turkey sandwich every day for a work lunch, and I prefer to eat outside, sitting in the grass. These little f*ckers buzz me every damn day.

  32. Hah, that gives me the mental image of just a pack of annoying younger siblings crowding round like HEY WHAT ABOUT ME I WANNA SANDWICH TOO BRO BRO MOM SAID TO SHARE, except the siblings have stabby butts so you're nervous about it :P

  33. Yeah, the middle two photos are of a funnel weaver, not a wolf spider. Adult male, so besides shelter I wonder if he might have just been wandering around looking for a lady -- I'm not familiar with the timing of their life cycle. Found one of those boyos in my house this morning, had to rescue him.

  34. Yeah, I find cameras have a really tough time with websters hanging there -- the hand trick helps but can't always get it all the way clear. Thanks for sharing the fabulosity :>

  35. Tiny orbies are so adorable. It's something about the immensely scaled-down orb web, I think.

  36. An orb-weaver -- looks like Araneus trifolium to me.

  37. Looks like a spitting spider to me (family Scytodidae), though I'm not sure what species.

  38. Is there a good way to tell the difference between brown recluses and male house spiders? Google is only showing me how to tell a brown recluse from a wolf spider 🙄

  39. It's good to familiarize yourself with the "definitely not a recluse" signs as in guides like those

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