1. that’s definitely an 812, and if you look at the manufacture year on the app it says 2018 as well, 812 was introduced in 2017, so I guess app says f12 by a mistake or something

  2. I heard there’ll be around 500k pairs, even though some mfs already backdoored some pairs, I don’t think the resell will be that high

  3. ItS unReAlIStic, or something along those lines

  4. mad mike literally owns a lamborghini huracan drift car 💀

  5. irl lamborghini has a collection called “travel collection” where you can get bags like that to match your car and use on road trips or something, I’m not 100% sure if the real sian comes with handbag like that but it most likely does because usually the high end limited edition hypercars comes with matching leather bags

  6. 🤘Sick thanx. Was I right is it a rare spec or model?

  7. it’s not like an ultra limited edition model but it’s definitely rarer than the normal huracan

  8. older ford gts have kit cars, I don’t think anyone has made kit car version of this gen ford gt, I believe slc has something similar but it’s like widebody ford gt so you can pretty much tell that’s the kit car

  9. Anyone else here who’s actually seen that Lego short? Or is it just me?

  10. I saw that as well, that‘s pretty nostalgic to me I remember I even had the set of that yellow bus in the video

  11. top 5 greatest inventions of all time according to wikipedia

  12. huracan performante spyder lp640-4 with full vorsteiner kit

  13. I think they trying to be “minimalist” or some shit but all of their new models turning into downgrades

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