1. I... I would read the hell out of this. Mc isn't actually particularly competent on their own,but is excellent at assembling groups to accomplish the task. Core plot follows the recruiter, but action scenes and quests follow the teams the assemble.

  2. Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4 is basically this, but with a ton of wild-ass shit thrown in.

  3. Virtuous Sons is definitely the answer, but A Journey of Black and Red is very good.

  4. Which is why they refer to undead-ifying a person or population as "awakening".

  5. Mark of the Crijik is clearly inspired by TBATE

  6. Probably Dungeon Drawler Carl. It's one of the best written ones. The Threadbare series was also good.

  7. Sparkly vampire books show a taste for the well written!?

  8. speaking of which, got any hiatus stories to recommend? Ideally where progression and skills are similarly focused upon on RR? Fork This Life and Core .001 would be my other picks

  9. Hiatus story taken to a peak art form (including returns with huge chapter dumps): Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

  10. I guess you haven't gotten very far into Tower of Somnus, because it eventually gets into obligatory yuri baloney. The dynamic would have been much better if they had stayed just friends.

  11. I don't know what the "sex offenders shuffle" is, but I really loved Forging Hephaestus and its follow-up, Bones of the Past.

  12. None of those (well, not sure about Vicious) are litRPG, but I do wish the sequels would come out

  13. No matter how casual or serious you are, no matter whether you play PvP or PvE, grouped or solo, Witherhoard can help you. Tag bosses, proc Bait&Switch or the Starfire nade regen, control adds, deny control points, counter glaives...

  14. The boot fitters at L9 in Millcreek are great.

  15. Does Mandy's padawan Liam have his own clients?

  16. especially the nice fuzzy gray you get on fabrics. chefs kiss

  17. Epilogue made it to Kindle and (I think) Audible a few months back.

  18. Any good ways to improve a pork loin? Everytime I get one I'm disappointed with whatever recipe I cook with it.

  19. Milk braise works better with pork butt (the neck), but it's not bad with loin either.

  20. But he himself is too old

  21. If it's animated, just have Hays do everything

  22. Are you selling prints? 😂😂 I would totally put this in my house

  23. It's a well known site -

  24. Absolutely hm uh . The power and leveling structure being so in-depth . A strong world building , solo /leader mc. And a story not entirely filled with cliches.

  25. Oh. If it's these instead of the specifics of system apocalypse and the xianxia framework, then Azarinth Healer is tops. But you were going to read that anyway, right?

  26. She uses Ash as her main weapon their are separate classes one for “healing” and one for DMG

  27. Maybe I've forgotten her early builds, but later on Ash is more her physical defense and ranged attacks, with the heavy lifting vs bosses carried by the body enhancements and touch attacks from both classes. Reverse Healing is especially significant in the toughest fights.

  28. Hero without a past is the only superhero story I've been able to stick with. His superpower is the system.

  29. My fave cut. The Costcos in the Seattle area used to have them frequently and now I haven't seen it for years. Hopefully this means they're back and I'll stock up! I'm jealous, OP!

  30. Some stores still have them - the ones that didn't probably still don't.

  31. Ironically, the easiest way is to first have a piece at 330. Ideally a purple piece, but blue works also. For example, if you run an operation and get a blue or purple, use your comms to upgrade to 330.

  32. You need blue. Purple itself just gives you better pieces in one of the two/three moddable slots per item. The other slots are only from blue.

  33. If yours is a Turbo and takes synthetic I would never go earlier than 12 months if I wasn't close to the mileage.

  34. OP said this one is free though

  35. Steamforged Sorcery the MC has some kind of Prosthetic arm that has been modified by himself, in the book cover you can see the arm but is not litrpg

  36. Not available this season, sadly

  37. unoronically tho I can't play this game for shit and Lann is constantly carrying the entire party through every encounter, bless him 😭

  38. By can't play the game you mean you haven't figured out how to get Arueshalae?

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