1. Do you think your primary is an expert in a specialty or is it the specialist? Would you trust your primary with any other specialty, such as neurology or cardiology, or would you take that referral and talk to the person who had training specifically for that specialty? Would you discuss your dental issues with your primary, or would you go to a dentist, the person who was specifically trained for that specialty? Not everything is a scheme, there's a reason you have MDs, NPs, and the like who specialize in a specific branch of medicine. Medicine is complicated and it's impossible to know everything. If you have a primary (whether it's an MD, NP, or whatever) who claims they know everything you need to be finding a new provider.

  2. No, I clearly don’t think my primary is an expert in any other specialty, nor do I think they’re a specialist themselves. I do, however, think that everything OP Indicated can be agreed-upon with your primary. There’s no reason to have a specialist “stop by” day of. Think about it this way: if you were rushed to a trauma center unconscious, you clearly wouldn’t meet with every single specialty that may need to treat you.

  3. ....maybe because you're unconscious? If you're in the ER for anything and you're conscious, any specialist that is needed for your care will (should) talk to you first because that's what they do. As OP stated most places don't (and shouldn't) charge you for just talking to you if your biggest concern is finances. It's a common courtesy for the specialist to talk to you before performing anything, and it's especially kind and professional of them to come speak to you before and in the event of anything happens. It's not about money, it's about informed consent and making sure you're getting what's best by knowing a.) All the options available to you b.) What's worst case scenario or possible complications and c.) Who would be performing those duties so you, again, have an opportunity for consent and to decide if that's even the person you'd want taking care of you (don't always have a choice in an emergency but it's at least a possibility).

  4. Breastfeeding is a skill! It’s ok you’re both struggling. Think of everything baby has to do - latch, learn how to suck and swallow, manage different flows

  5. We've done lots of skin to skin, pretty much this whole week I've just been shirtless around the house. The only position that seemed to work better was side lying, but it makes me a little nervous because both my couch and bed are very soft and I drifted off to sleep one of the times we fed like that. Thankfully my husband was right there and awake so we were safe but I definitely don't feel comfortable doing that position while we're alone.

  6. The right thing for you is also the right thing for baby, in this case. Babies need happy, mentally and physically healthy, and well rested mothers more than they need breast milk. Also you said yourself “…he seems so much happier and more comfortable now.” That is what matters! Putting your child’s needs above your own desires is what being a mom is about. Also, as you said, you can keep trying! Breastfeeding is HARD. Think about it this way - you are both learning a new skill! You wouldn’t expect to learn how to drive a car in a day, and breastfeeding is no different. It is totally fine to supplement, use an SNS, use a nipple shield, or WHATEVER, as you both are learning! At the end of the day, what matters is that you have a happy and well fed baby.

  7. He's doing physical therapy for it, we just had our first appointment yesterday and another one scheduled next week. Definitely going to keep up with that because I can still see him working hard on the bottle. In the little time we had with PT yesterday we did notice a little improvement in his tension.

  8. Thank you for posting this OP. For anyone who might feel shame, or hesitant because you don't feel like your situation is "bad enough" to warrant the help, take advantage of this opportunity. If you're embarrassed, no one else needs to know you use SNAP or WIC. You can go through self-checkout at many stores if it makes you feel better. If you feel like you don't deserve it, yes you do. Think of it this way- you've been paying into this system your whole working life. You're as entitled to it as anyone else. You also can't be a functioning member of society if you're not taking care of yourself and making sure you've got enough to eat. Life is hard enough, take advantage of social support systems that were set up so we can all be a little more neighborly and help each other.

  9. You did great, especially with knowing you needed to push despite the nurses. I wish I had had a birthing ball or that peanut looking thing that helps with labor. I wish the epidural would have worked, that was literally the reason I didn't bother thinking of an epidural because I've read too often and had three too many friends say it didn't work and I hate needles anyway so I just put that out of my head. But who knows, if there's a next time it could work. Good point about emotions after, I didn't cry actually until some hours later once all the commotion died down. People forget its still not over after birth, still have the placenta, weighing, scores, stitches, and latching ect. Plus my legs ended up shaking like crazy almost immediately, that was weird...yes tucks pads were my friend for a good week. Funny about tears, I ended up with a labia tear...I was like you've got to be kidding. Childbirth is a lot...congratulations tho you did it ;)

  10. I was given the peanut ball and I hated it. I even have wider hips and it still did not help, it just felt in the way. The best relief was when I was able to lay on my back and have my legs bent and fall to the side like they have you do during cervix checked. I felt like it opened my hips better and was more comfortable. Maybe it would have worked for you but I wouldn't mourn your loss too much bc it very well could have been cumbersome and annoying too lol

  11. Congratulations!!! You did it! 😊 you should feel proud of yourself, I don't even know you, and I feel proud.

  12. This place has been a great place for pregnancy tips. Often times much better than trying to Google stuff. Something to keep in mind, at least in my opinion, is to not read into things too much. I read so many posts about people's delivery stories in the beginning and started creating this image of how mine could go. But as I got closer to my due date I realized reading other people's stories made me to anxious about my upcoming experience. I stopped reading about delivery completely and decided to go in pretty much blind and let things go as they would. I'm glad I did because although I was nervous I wasn't a ball of anxiety worrying about all the possibilities of disaster I could have heard from other people's tales.

  13. "you're good....you're good....you're good"

  14. The guy died so this is probably a NSFW video because of that. Can't find any updates on whether the driver got charged and convicted with anything.

  15. What exactly do you think the driver should get charged with?

  16. In one of the articles it mentions that officers/prosecutor has not announced if they would be pressing charges, implying it was a possibility or a thought. Considering I haven't found a follow-up to those statements and the nature of the incident I'd say any charges considered were never brought to fruition. The family however had a vastly different opinion.

  17. Verse? Cause you're making it up.

  18. OP has clearly never heard St. Anger or LuLu

  19. To spare OP from Gitmo quality torture here's Todd discussing the former.

  20. This prawn is aggressive as fuck i mean i originally got him not knowing what he was so i got him for a 13.5 gal then he molted twice and i moved him to my 120 hes survived about 5 months now and the puffer sometimes runs from him

  21. I have a murder cray who cannot be with any tank mates. I have this beautiful tank and she's the only one occupying it because she can't play nice and not eat her friends ☹️ this includes live plants

  22. First of all im glad you were able to help amd save your son. I just did another first aid refresher here i Australia amd here they completely advise against the heimlick manoeuver and advise back slap/thuds with upwards motions as is wasnt very effective i adults and ppl were seriously hurting their kids. An emergency nurse gave our course. I only say this as i find it surprising the different advice we see around the world. We were taught not to give breaths with cpr. As in hospital they would never do it with covid.

  23. USA here, I was told giving breaths during CPR for non-healthcare personnel is no longer advised only because because the idea of "mouth to mouth" was stopping people from feeling comfortable with providing CPR. Circulating blood by compression was far more effective than hoping a bystander was willing to provide compressions and breaths. Otherwise in hospital situation as healthcare staff you do give breaths, but it's done with an ambu bag or mask (or some AED kits come with a ventilation mask for this purpose and the AED guides you through it)

  24. Any time my mom brought home new clothes for any of the kids, she'd say "Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!" to tell them to try on their new fit to show the rest of the family 😂 I now do this to my husband and it has extended throughout the entire family

  25. Did you ever ask a doctor about this or worried about your heart afterwards?

  26. NAD and this is not medical advice but try watching The Lego Movie! It's funny and cute and is a great way to keep your mind occupied while you come down. It has helped me through panic attacks that I've gotten from way too strong sativas.

  27. Nope! I just avoid sativas now that I know they cause me anxiety. It's super uncomfortable but that's all that it is: temporary discomfort. That's why I recommend a movie, coloring, playing an instrument if that's something you do, any little busy bee activity to keep your mind occupied with other things while you come off the high. Just remind yourself that it's temporary and then do something other than sitting there working yourself up over it. Drink some sips of cold water and have a snack while you do something. Stop googling things and maybe even set your phone aside if it's feeding into your anxiety. Sometimes doing some light yoga or stretching helps too. Look for a YouTube video of guided stretching/meditation. A medical professional has responded and stated that you are ok, all you need to worry about now is relaxing yourself mentally.

  28. I did the nexplanon arm implant, which is progesterone only, and it worked fabulously. I stopped having catamenial seizures and never had to worry about missing a dose. With the pills, if you're an hour or so late taking it you have essentially missed an entire dose and are no longer protected (from pregnancy risk). Implant was super easy to get put in and removed when it was time, I could feel where it was at so I never worried about it migrating or getting lost, and I didn't notice any issues with hormone/mood changes. The first three months I did have continuous spotting, which is possible, but soon after stabilized into a very predictable monthly cycle (I'm talking it would start on the same day at the same time of day).

  29. FTM here. I’ve been anti-IUD for myself for years because of the risk of uterine perforation & pregnancy due to improper placement or movement.

  30. I feel like this one doesn't get talked about as much, idk why. I loved it. The security being able to know exactly where it was at all times, never needing to worry about forgetting a dose, the simplicity and painlessness of insertion and removal, and the overall limited impact hormonally/emotionally (for me at least). I too have been anti-IUD for the same reasons as you.

  31. As long as they don't block health care for the kids, I'm okay with them killing themselves with their stupidity.

  32. Thankfully the government stepped in and saved the child's life but this has already started happening:

  33. Also crabs. Crabs crabs display that trait pretty well. Sometimes I wonder if spiders are just crabs that adapted to a permanent land lifestyle. Of course I know that's not actually true, but I can't help to find some similarities between the two. Now I'm going to look and see if I can't figure out how crabs and spiders are related to each other, if at all.

  34. Crabs have evolved and re-evolved 5 times over the course of history. We don't know why but for some reason nature insists that crabs exist, no matter how many times they go extinct.

  35. I hope he can still get the two weeks. I agree, it sucks. My husband took 3 paid days (sick days for the year), 2 unpaid days, and then worked from home to make up the rest of two weeks with our first. I will say that brand new babies do sleep a lot and my husband definitely played video games with our daughter on his chest while she slept a fair amount. So it's not completely unrealistic in the first days if you just have one child.

  36. He will be very excited to hear this 😂 he was holding my sister's new baby a couple days ago and he just looked so peaceful having the little guy passed out on his chest.

  37. Sorry you are going through that. My family doesn't get parental leave because we are self-employed, but that's the lifestyle we chose. It sucks but all families just try to make it work. If he can not convince his boss for more time, perhaps create a plan together around what he hopes to experience during the newborn stage. Perhaps you can send him videos and pictures? For my husband, he was not comfortable in the newborn stage anyway, so the bonding came much later. Which I think is OK as the baby is generally very 1st caregiver dependent in early days.

  38. My family is awesome. My parents had 10 kids so they know how to handle babies, what help is actually wanted and needed post-partum, and are just super excited to be a part of this in any way. My husband was a little nervous about newborns at first bc he never had any experience, but my sister recently had her first child and my husband just fell in love with the concept after holding her child. He said he just immediately felt comfortable and ready and was looking forward to holding his own tiny bundle. He said the newborn grunts and squeaks were too cute lol.

  39. I knew I've definitely seen this picture before. I'm assuming this is a bot account

  40. And why are they labor and delivery nurses if they get annoyed by a question as benign as “how much does my baby weigh?” Yikes on yikes. I refuse to be ashamed to ask about my baby’s welfare or speaking up for myself when it comes to being medicated or not.

  41. This was the comment I was looking for. I've had plenty of "icks" working in healthcare but none of them as baselessly stupid as "my scared and exhausted patient is asking me a basic question that takes 0 effort to answer politely and show some empathy"

  42. My brother is autistic and I was diagnosed with epilepsy this year. Have you heard of anything mentioning a siblings increased chance?

  43. I don't have any statistics but I can say anecdotally I have 9 siblings and only one has epilepsy like me.


  45. And according to affidavits and a public statement by the district attorney associated with this case, neither of them were in their underwear

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