1. Man you have clearly smoked yourself retarded. This post makes absolutely no sense in any way.

  2. Just say you don't get the joke and move. Insulting me because I left you perplexed shows me you're a weak individual.

  3. Hey In that 3rd pic , I have a glass attachment like the one the bud is sitting on , what that used for ? What is it attached to rn ?

  4. It's a banger for doing dabs. I just put the bud there for the pic.

  5. I got 2 halfs same batch i honestly am extremely disappointed. Loved it last year but this go round it seems to have little terps. It takes me a whole backwood to feel it I usually dont need that much. Nugs look great tho. Its weird.

  6. Yeah, I smoked a nice blunt but the effects were just average.

  7. Ancient Roots got me last month, I will never ever ever buy shake in this program again.

  8. Cap, why would Black women be scared to drive with a Black person? You're lying

  9. Bro I’m from Ohio. Olswell I’m Adrian Michigan I guess depends where you from in Ohio but it’s a two and a half hour drive for me totally worth it. 15-10gs of live resin cured resin or badder for 90to110 after tax. Also some of the best rosin in Michigan is made there. They have deals on their rosin usually 4/100 if it’s not on sale 8th for 180 but still better than Ohio prices.

  10. Shotout to Gage, I love them. Great deals on extracts. I always get their 3.5 cure live resin 30 bucks otd.

  11. You can get 15 grams for 90 otd two blocks away from gage. They alright I usually go there for live resin pens it’s the only place in Adrian where I can find cresco light sky farms

  12. I thought this was weak I bought a few weeks back ...good looking buds

  13. I think most of these Woodward strain batches effects are getting light AF.

  14. Sour diesel , no program stuff. But If have to say from program , I also have some well I have hella lol, stuff from our dispensaries , my buddy that grows , and Michigan . It’s very very nice to have multiple options that literally have nothing to do with the black market . But from here : dosido and some frozen white Runtz

  15. I love Sour diesel and Dosido, lime Sherbet. They never let me down.

  16. No offense but you are nuts if you think it is more likely to pass than not. You must not know the history of our local government very well. I want nothing more than for it to pass but would comfortably bet any amount of money that it won't. Happy to leave this comment to see how it ages.

  17. 3 months from harvest to being packaged. Ohios program is a joke. No wonder so many people aren't renewing their cards and just go to Michigan lol

  18. Once bitten twice shy. I WILL NEVER BUY SHAKE IN THIS PROGRAM AGAIN.

  19. Weren't you recently loving on some AR shake?

  20. Man once you pay 86 for a half of klutch smalls and 128 for a half of full buds from klutch dispo you generally dont wanna buy from anyone or anywhere else

  21. Riviera creek is garbage flower, the nerve of him not wanting real competition because he knows Riviera creek cannot survive with more cultivators. Overpriced mids that no real Cannabis user would buy.

  22. I bought Bann Mac- really nice-looking flower butt the effects were subpar to me.

  23. I feel that’s almost the standard for Ohmed anymore the past year is the most mid bud all of it not just Woodward

  24. It failed the same way our state of Ohio fails badly every year.

  25. I make the drive from Cincinnati once every 4-6 months and stock up. Been doing it since 2018. I refuse to spend a penny in this state. It's about a 10-12 hour rounndtrip drive, but I pay around $800 in Michigan for what would cost me over $2400 in Ohio. The drive sucks but the savings are worth it.

  26. Damn, I was bitchin about having to drive 2 hrs to Michigan 2 hrs back. 10-12 hrs is crazy, but we gotta do what we gotta do to get our products

  27. Bro, there was one time I drove up and ended up having to spend the night and come back the next day after a blizzard had hit, and it took a total of 18 hours until I finally made it home. Thats when I decided I'd buy in bulk enough to be able to skip having to go up during Winter.

  28. We should not have to go thru this as patients. Pass Senate bill 9 now.

  29. This is why RC as a company will not survive new changes in the program. They can barely move they Mids products. They know they sell shet. That's why he crying on TV to not bring more cultivators. I will never buy Riviera creek.

  30. Buckeye did a great job on this one. Excellent flavor, immediate effects off 1 dab. Very Gassy, Fruity Rosin. I just wish it was a lil cheaper.

  31. 53 bucks out the door for the rosin. It was on sale and I get a discount so I go 40% off the rosin.

  32. How much was this otd? I’m just curious 🤨

  33. I bought a half of Lemon Tree shake and I top that with kief I got on sale. I love the taste and terpenes in that shake and the kief just helps bring the THC content up. It vapes great! So yeah we gotta make this program work for us somehow.

  34. Should be criminal to sell this shit

  35. I bought it to show the patients of this program what they're selling us as medicine and the dispos putting a huge price for it. But I only paid 45 bucks for this

  36. Somebody had to pull the trigger and see what this was like. I saw someone post shake from AR and it was small buds, so I said, "Why not? It's not that bad tho. Has good effects taste great.

  37. I got Mobb Boss 1.7 live sauce from them and I was very impressed at the quality of it. Good taste and great effects.

  38. It's a blurry Azz pic. What u expect to see?🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️

  39. I'm pretty sure their our plenty pics but you are talking about this one pic. Trying to find blood on a blurry pic

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