1. I wish I could get my medical card. I'd love to have this 😭😭

  2. My medicine llc .com they don't ask questions. They want money. 79 bucks out the door. I just renewd with them. Good luck.

  3. Truffle monkey from Columbia is one of my favorites.

  4. I'm picking some up today with biscotti mints and some Sherbhead. How's the truffle monkey taste, smell effects?

  5. Did renew yet because it’s awful priced. Anyone know the cheapest place ?

  6. Blueberry cheesecake is listed as a hybrid but it allows me to sleep through the night better than most indica. Great for pain too. Grapehead is always beautiful looking and taste like grape lemon-head candy or grape soda with a hint of lemon. It's a relaxing sativa and the flavor is always great.

  7. Thanks for this review, I 'm picking up some BBCC and Animal mints today.

  8. You made sure to put their Race in your comment, disrespectful right there. You were wrong for accepting the trip. Then you come on here crying for sympathy. You are the KAREN.

  9. If you are offended, I can't even apologize. What for? Saying I picked a black girl?

  10. You still racist and I did not read that bullshit.

  11. How do I update my payout account information? When I click on the bonuses page it shows how much I’m owed but doesn’t give an option to update and add account info.

  12. Posted this after 8 days because of how many people crucified it after I posted it for one day. I was shocked at how many people claimed they junked there's after using it only once.

  13. Most people on Reddit hate Puffco. Future reference just post in Puffco group. You'll get less hate.

  14. I've had mine for a year Vision plus and my atomizer looks nothing like yours. You burning to hot with little to no product. Your plus won't last long. Its too dirty.

  15. A parole violation is not a federal crime. So if you are an Ohio resident and have your medical card you would not be breaking the law. The only way they could do anything to you is if it's one of the stipulations of your parole.

  16. Cannabis is a stipulation of every one on Parole. No drugs period is stipulation.

  17. I know a couple of people who done time in prison and have their card. How would they know you are a felon? if your on parole/probation then that would be a bad idea. It's not legal Federally so you would be violating your probation. Don't do it

  18. Chill with the camera you can’t even see anything with it being all over the place

  19. After 2k views and 500 positive comments on this vid there's always one snowflake whining about something.

  20. That's why you take headphones 🎧 so you don't have to talk. Drivers love when we see . 🎧

  21. POW does sour diesel from time to time wasn’t appeasing look wise but amazing flavor

  22. How was the effects? I was thinking about grabbing a half.

  23. It was pretty good for a sativa the flavor was amazing. Feel energized but euphoric at same time. Wasn’t visually appealing but I liked it

  24. Too much shit on your window, you asking to get pulled over.

  25. You can get portable hand controls. Use them in any car. Amazon has them for 250.

  26. What was the process like? Do you need to provide documentation or anything?

  27. Yes you need documentation. I just renewed with them 69 bucks.

  28. A large majority of politicians representing Ohioans are against this. People need to start voting on actual topics and beliefs and not knee jerk reactions and finger pointing from the media and circle jerks on Facebook. This probably won't pass until some of the old cunts in the Senate finally die out. We got all these people deciding for us how we are going to live our life's and they were born in like the 1940s and are out of touch with reality. Shmucks.

  29. Grassley 90 years old and still in control, Mitch mcconnell ass too, he's like 85 years old but some how he's the minority whip leader in the Senate.🤷🏾‍♀️

  30. Brother I’m layin in bed hungover, debating to smoke or not. You have the exact same rolling tray I do, so I’ll take that as a sign to smoke

  31. Yooo, those plastic containers are great to reuse. Give em a good 2ash and be sure to remove debris from the o-ring and bam you got yourself a great container

  32. Bruh, I got tons of glass jars from the dispo, wish I'm about to recycle them.

  33. My medicine llc renewed for 69 bucks. Never left my kitchen. 3 minutes and was renewed.

  34. Wtf now the halves are back on the menu. They took them off for the sale so people wouldnt buy them

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