1. Wait you think having less access to drugs and alcohol would increase addiction to those substances?

  2. Not a matter of what I think. During alcohol prohibition, rates of alcohol consumption actually increased

  3. Everyone? Bit of a dubious claim. Obviously the state wants to capture their minds early

  4. Well for starters, the term social contract is an abstraction. None of us signed this contract nor agreed to it

  5. Just to chime in, the way it's written, you could smoke it one day, and the next day not smoke it, and you would no longer be an unlawful user.

  6. Do you think they just put the militia thing in the 2nd amendment for funsies then if it doesn't mean anything?

  7. Having your body humiliated, mistreated, abused, and left for dead - discarded like a piece of garbage

  8. A square knot's a big one: Left over right and under, right over left and under

  9. their “co-worker” sends a “goodnight babe. I love you” text in the middle of the night..

  10. First thing they do after a girls' night out is take a shower.

  11. It isn't about hate. It's more about tempering logic with other human qualities.

  12. Jesus was a real person. Historians are pretty much agreed on this point.

  13. The ancient Greeks wrestled in the nude. If it's good enough for Alcibiades, it's good enough for me

  14. Free association is one of the hallmarks of free society

  15. A trade society might require DNA checks by multiple clinics before implantation. If you want to join the trade society, you must submit to its requirements

  16. It is legal in some situations. In Nevada, for instance ...

  17. The eyes. But you have to flick your eyes away now and again lest you appear creepy

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