NFL Legend Terrell Owens shares footage of incident with his female neighbor saying "you're a black man approaching a white women"!

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  1. I’ve had this probably and it was the cord. Not the controller . It has to be a Sony ps cord something special about it

  2. Hey ! Long shot here and sorry to ping you in an old post! I’d love to see your print settings as well if possible please I’m having a hell of a time getting any successes with this printer ! Thanks so much !

  3. I’ll have to screen shot it but I use the default settings . I print in pieces , use a lot of supports

  4. That would be awesome if you don’t mind. I’ve been trying to slow down the lift speed to help. Do you need to add more supports to pre-supported models normally ?

  5. Oh it’s a must . I never trust pre supports always add my own

  6. exceptionally well depending on how well you take care of it. whether conditions, how well was it applied, etc. i have known people to have a rap from up to 5-7 years. also protects your paint. it is also quite expensive and an extensive process to do. i see this color in wrap a lot specially on tesla's as its cool and it protects the paint. as a tesla owner i can confirm the paint is garbage and chips alot so alot of people get them wrapped or PPF'd

  7. I still remember till this day that this is what caused me to by the strategy guide way back in 2001 I was 10 years old and had never beaten a final fantasy . This is my first one. I came close several times but eventually got womped in the end every time. Several months later I get the guide and find that he’s one of few bosses that are susceptibility to bio . So needless to say it was cake after that.

  8. Stay right where you are - Elon Musk

  9. Do you cave a crowd funding of some sort

  10. I’d lick a dick a few times for about 20,000 more

  11. As much as I want to believe, the beard doesn’t look real, and the face looks too young for that level of white to be on it. Cool idea tho.

  12. Yeah this has got to be fake there is no way that picture quality was this high resolution at that day and age. Also the gradience of light captured hitting his face is to modern for the time .

  13. Thanks for the compliment, now the M3 is a few years old we want to offer a customers a way to stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank. Still early days though

  14. I thought this was 350z for a second

  15. Yea same for me. Every time, the lag, even it’s just slight, makes it unplayable for me.

  16. Definitely not good for fps but decent for any other type of game that’s not fast paced

  17. Omg I didn’t know they continued this game , oh wait I thought this was DOA extreme beach volleyball

  18. How much was the wrap ? Looking to get one done soon .

  19. I do . And I have tons of unopened packs . I grab them when I can cause my local stores are always out of them

  20. I received my mini in May, just setting it up now. Been too busy af at work and wife + kids.

  21. That’s exactly how I felt . I just had to be honest with my self after awhile . It’s disheartening after spending so much money on it. But felt it was a bad investment then ended up selling it for and buying a gaming laptop that was CHEAPER but was faster better and compare-ably just as mobile

  22. I think it’s an anycubic . I have the v2.0 wash and cure station this is the v1.0 I can tell by the plate, iUV light tower, the color of the plastic cover, and the reflective thin paper used you cure the bottom .

  23. FFX. I’ll never forget being a kid when it dropped, and fully 100%ing it. It’s the first game I ever completed on my own and truly changed my life. I don’t think I’ll ever stop crying at that ending.

  24. This is the first game that made me cry

  25. Yeah bro it’s getting annoying . Don’t forget piccolo, android 18, android 17, Beerus was at one point gonna destroy earth, emperor pelaf literally lives with Vegeta, and his family, tien, like every opposing force ends up a z fighter more or less toriyama is a dog shit writer after that cash. Creative artist not a creative story writer.

  26. I mean Cell and Frieza are still villains and goku black/ Zamasu hasn’t come back, Nappa and Raditz any of the ginyu force. That’s like half the major antagonist of dbz/s that haven’t become good guys.

  27. So you agree literally half of all the villains have come back as Allies???!! Vs any other manga/anime you’re telling me half is okay? It’s fab service nothing more. Just a writer selling out and letting the fans dictate what’s happens next which prove my point. Any decision he makes on his own people hate it, thus not a good writer.

  28. also unfortunately i bought through Anycube and got the cleaning station, containers , and airpurifyer

  29. Me too, and your models will NOT fit in the wash & cure. Makes sense that it would not, especially since I purchased them in a BUNDLE!!!!

  30. So I just got my printer this week but have been waiting on my wash and cure but UPS lost my package so now it’s under investigation . If it’s not gonna fit anyways might as well start printing now. How are you washing and curing your prints if you don’t mind my asking.

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