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  1. Should be able to bring one per pass.

  2. There is an override button on the screen. It's up to the employees discretion. I'm guessing they are told not to be completely rigid with the policy.

  3. Yeah. I'd imagine if it's this close to the 4 hour period, it makes more sense to just override it instead of letting it all be a waste of time and food.

  4. They were holding up the line and had already made it. Dude was making a big deal out of it saying it didn't say that when he bought the pass.

  5. How else will they successfully get away with slave labor?

  6. is it really free labor when in California taxpayers pay $106000 per year for a prisoner? Looks more like corporate welfare again where rehabilitation might be cheaper.

  7. If you are working for next to's slave labor.

  8. You look like you're about to pull out an acoustic guitar in an embarrassing attempt to woo a questionably-aged girl.

  9. This exact thing happened to me at Sunnyside recently. Then, when I got to the store, my total was much lower than that. The guy told me since they have daily sales, sometimes the website prices are wrong. That didn’t fully satisfy my confusion but I decided to just pay and leave since it was even lower than I expected. Just carry your phone with you to make sure the price they ask you to pay is what you think you should pay…or lower, I guess.

  10. Rounding up? At least About Wellness/ethos rounds down.

  11. Hey I’m no pro GM but signing a guy to a massive guaranteed contract who’s been accused of sexual misconduct by 24 different women all while alienating your current QB (who’s not even that bad) sounds like a bad idea.

  12. They aren't that was only 22 at the time that they signed him 💀

  13. Yeah....this isn't the best person to use for this example.

  14. Yeah true eh. I watched my buddy do it one time, very first time he used a press and he blew out a half o of some crazy 🔥. It was pretty funny but oh so sad at the same time lol… still ended up squishing a shit ton out of it, but had all the bag in it and the weed lol.. temp was too high, it was American settings and he had it wrong I guess lol.

  15. If he blew out, more than likely just put too much pressure too fast. Too much heat shouldn't cause a blowout.

  16. Yeah true gotcha, fair enough haha. I just assumed was the heat, but your prob 100% right about the pressure . Thanks for the info! 🙏 😊

  17. No problem. If you ever do get a press, preheating and going slow will help prevent it. Can still blowout if you go slow, but just gotta figure out the sweet spot on pressure if you don't have a guage.

  18. Last time it was labeled shake, it was rough cut full size nugs and smalls

  19. That would be my guess as well. Otherwise how would shake even come close to 35%?

  20. At first I was thinking "170...for a half of farkas? Don't see anything unusual here"

  21. Get a luster pod and go from there. I typically get butterfly effect or klutch. But tried my first one orijin yesterday. Not bad at all. Definitely no BE or klutch, but it does have really thick oil compared to the other two.

  22. Then why do trans athletes do so poorly in high level competition?

  23. When do they do poorly in high level competition? When they are performing with their correct gender?

  24. ??? Yes when they perform their correct gender. Lia Thomas does not do that well in women's swimming, aka her correct gendered sport. She's always been a good swimmer, even after she got much worse due to the changes in her body that go with being transgender. She's won a couple races, but overall isn't remotely dominant and doesn't have what it takes to be in the Olympics as a woman or man. And the people she beats aren't exactly high level competitors to start with. Can you show me a transgender woman who is actually dominant or is it just that one girl who won a couple races?

  25. Hannah Mouncey....literally the person in this post. Going to convince me she didn't have an advantage with her transgender change? Lol

  26. I have a 4 ton dabpress. Go through their website and you can get a prepress and bags for 389, instead of just getting the press for 389.

  27. You smoking something other than dabs if you think high quality rosin is easier than high quality BHO

  28. You're smoking something other than dabs to come in and put words in my mouth.

  29. You have most certainly edited your post.

  30. I have most certainly have not. Lol

  31. Wind would probably fuck with me more. If I eat enough edibles and go up on the Eiffel tower on a windy day, then it's a scarier ride than Orion.

  32. Imagine that being the first time you rode it...

  33. What's wrong with seaward and inward?

  34. Decarbing or run your vape through a bong. I mainly vape through a dynavap with a bong. Get pretty nice sized hits and I actually prefer it compared to combustion through a bong.

  35. best seats are 500 level above home plate. cheap as hell. nobody up there. if they are they are just chilling. also it's a great freaking view and the only place I feel like I can semi tell whether the pitch was a ball or strike

  36. I for some reason can call balls and strikes really well in the left field bleachers. I thought I would be able to do well from behind home up top, but the angle had it hard for me to even tell if any contact was a hit or foul until after it reached it's highest point. Lol

  37. Shooting a cop is a big no no. Would be too hard to prove that you were justified in shooting a sworn officer of the law...that is unless they were doing something blatantly wrong.


  39. He didn't return fire on cops though...he returned fire on civilians that happened to be cops.

  40. Just from reading off this thread. Maybe I am more knowledgeable. Never thought I'd be debating the opposite of the usual internet don't pretend to know it all 🤣

  41. Some knowledge is better than none. If it wasn't for Reddit, I wouldnt have the majority of my knowledge on dabbing. Before, I was just dabbing with a hot nectar collector or hot chazzed banger. Subs on here have taught me more, in a minimal amount of time, then compared to years of just dabbing away on my own, or even around others.

  42. Im new to Reddit but it's one of my favourite places to get advice or feedback on specific things that can't be googled. Dabbing wasn't a common thing with my group of friends, we just smoked bongs or joints. I'm now on medicinal in Aus but looking at cleaner options as the vape for medicinal I haven't taken to.

  43. Most 31yo mum of two don't go by deadasssscontent69. Lol

  44. I extract the THC with ethanol so I don't have to deal with the plant matter.

  45. You don't....go to the liquor store and get the strongest liquor they have. Typically everclear.

  46. Sad your wife doesn’t like sauce. I much prefer solventless and rosin is always my go to but man I got one of the small O43 sauce jars and it’s incredible.

  47. We typically stick to flower and pods. We press our own rosin to have some, but usually only a gram or two at a time. Occasionally buy standard wellness badder sometimes because it's cheap when on sale. Nothing can beat rosin though.

  48. Interesting that you guys can rock pods but not sauce. Pods destroy my throat and lungs

  49. With the sauce, it's more of dabbing it that she doesn't like. Too many times has she had it fall off the dabber while trying to do one. Other than that, she likes it. But just inconvenient more than anything.

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