I had to borrow my daughter’s car today, because of Reasons. I’m a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, turn 50 later this year.

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  1. Absolutely. When I was a kid, we'd drop acid and smoke cigarettes. Everybody's breath signature right there for all to see. Of course, we all blew smoke rings, so it was decorative.

  2. There's no Presidential immunity. It was invented in

  3. Productivity increases are always banked at the top. AI really spells the end of the scribe class. Food, on the other hand, requires the human touch. Cooks will be there on the last day.

  4. Not knowing how to tie my tie was the first crisis in military school. I was nine years old.

  5. Yeah, they're like fentanyl -- dangerous just to have around. JK

  6. magnanimous? That's what racism is? Magnanimity.

  7. Wow, I've finally found my people! I grew up on Monte Cristo sandwiches at the Westward Ho Hotel in downtown Phoenix. Here's a look at the

  8. My dad had a Norton Commando 750 and he hardly took it out because every time he did it would eventually break down and he was afraid of getting stranded in an awkward spot if he couldn’t get it started again. He’s got a bad ankle so even the risk of injury from the kickstarter made him kinda not want to start it.

  9. Not to contradict what's known to be true, but

  10. Ignorance of this type is greater in rural areas the world over. Cities educate and create cosmospolitans. Understanding and tolerance are functional in cities. In rural areas, who gives a toss? It's just you, the work, and the horizon.

  11. Who's Thomas?? And what would you k ow of the warmth of my heart? I simply can't agree with what you are saying...and that's really ok.

  12. You're heart's cold to the suffering of others. You're full of pride in your own knowledge, and judgmental about people whom you've never met. You are, additionally, a

  13. Oh..hi thomas!! Judging me, a woman you have never met. 😁 I have very VERY good reason to have the feelings that I have when it comes to species that we are compromising. It's not a cold heart, bur a solid integrity that I suffer from. I'm still very confused as to what has triggered you, sir. I'll say it again, I simply asked for source...and there was a huge discrepancy in the numbers you presented and the numbers that are left in the article. Was it wrong of me to point out the discrepancy? I see you dont like when you are challenged, which speaks volumes to me ...and you continue ue to act like you know me, and that it's ok to be abusive. I haven't returned your energy back to you, I just don't agree with you and , again, THAT IS OK! Now, have yourself a fabulous Sunday. I am.

  14. I think we've hit the point of too many words and too little clarity. Surely we're both good people with the best of intentions and my words were less than skillful. And good for you being female. Doubt is not gendered is it? And you too have a good sunday. Sincerely meant. 🙏

  15. Beautiful welcome home for the hikuri. Do you know the name of the Marakame that was there? He was praying in Wixarika. Not to diminish your post in anyway but the term Huichol is offensive to the Wixarika people

  16. Yeah, it was different from your average "drug case."

  17. It’s offensive that this happened, especially to the live medicine that wasn’t being cared for the way it would by the community. I’m not familiar with him. Yeah, the Wixarika ways are very polite so they wouldn’t say in conversation that the wrong term was used, it’s like you learn as you go

  18. Speaking to the lawmen about the matter, I emphasized that seizing this medicine, from our viewpoint, is sacrilege, as if the Protestant Police had seized the host, and Father O'Malley were unable to say Mass. I tell them these little things, and little by little, they begin to understand. The deputies who returned the medicine to us were respectful and diligent, prejudice put to the side for a day.

  19. Your doctor speaks from a well-compensated conservative perspective, short on facts and long on bias.

  20. Shamans and facilitators aren’t trained for treating any PTSD or psychotic breaks during the retreats. You might been putting too much expectations that could trigger more during the retreats. There’s other alternatives as assisted psilocybin treatments with specialized staff that could help you more

  21. Actually, Arizona Yage Assembly has a deep commitment and ability to work with PTSD sufferers, and has provided trauma relief and healing growth to combat vets and first responders. Dr. Joe Tafur, founder of Church of Eagle and Condor, has a beautiful story about a veteran healing from PTSD in his book, The Fellowship of the River.

  22. Seemed to work okay when I was a kid. But now that you mention it, some guidelines might be in order.

  23. Yeah, he must have seen that little boy in the eyes of every Twitter employee he heaved overboard like Captain Bligh.

  24. I'm not even joking if they drank it they would understand what they're caught up in and probably puke their guts out and probably even quit.

  25. Law enforcement types, from beat cops to Merrick Garland, are all caught in some serious illusions, and I think Visionary Communion could do them all a world of good. From our lips to the godess' ear.

  26. a good example of what a swift kick to the bollocks of government looks like. well done!

  27. Nothing's better than appreciation. Thank you. It's what keeps a lot of us old guys in the game. I remember meeting a Criminal law prof from Hastings in downtown San Francisco at a coffee bar. We were instantly bonding over war stories about cross-examining lying cops. True romance.

  28. Well, the reality is, DMT is not a gate for everyone to pass through. And it's not always the same for one individual.

  29. It is a little funny to hear people who do not understand law, securities, consumer protection, or how much the securities industry benefited from regulation trying to criticize this enforcement crackdown.

  30. Talk about fake news! The USA doesn't even make it onto this list of the ten countries with the best work-life balance.

  31. It's true though. Death is the cure to all ailments. Never have to go to the doctor ever again

  32. Yeah, and planetary death will silence all of those eco-complaints. Leave the solar system cleaner.

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