1. I don’t believe she’s unintelligent. She might be emotionally unintelligent and/or a lot of her behaviors (denial, projection etc. ) are trauma responses.

  2. Jesus Christ….Americans will make up a conspiracy about fkn anything!!!!

  3. That bitch had a $500K wedding and owed taxes. Haul her ass back to jail.

  4. That girl has put up with 19 years of Teresa's bullshit. She should be put on a pedestal.

  5. It was shady as fuck. Teresa looked guilty the whole night.

  6. I need someone to ask Jennifer why Marge saying Bill's (actual) cheating was awful because it hurt her kids but not when Jennifer did the same thing to Melissa about spreading cheating rumors

  7. Didn't Teresa get Jen to go to another city to speak to a women that may have details on Evan's affair?

  8. I’ve said this before, I think Tre has a learning disability or a developmental disability, and given the type of family she grew up in, it went undiagnosed.

  9. That is a sweet way of saying she is fucking stupid.

  10. My buddy and I had a three way once, he still calls me tripod every now and then.

  11. Once when I was in my early 20s, a buddy and I were driving on a road through a forested area, and stopped to piss cuz there were no public bathrooms. We stood in the woods peeing, and he turned to me and said "Wow, that IS a big dick." And that was that. Not another word was spoken about it.

  12. They use Tre Huggers for Tre stans. Ive never seen Tre Stumps but either way its 🤣 who ever came up with it.

  13. I commend his power of will. I would be on my knees the second he dropped the towel.

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