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  1. Oh, antinatalists are disgusting, don't get me wrong.

  2. I think multiple times throughout Pokémon media slowpoke tail is confirmed to be eaten as a delicacy in some places

  3. Ableton has an awesome free trial that has saving, it lasts like 90 days and has everything the paid one does

  4. At like 2 am Sunday morning I saw the sky looked super bright from Bay Street, very wierd

  5. I’d honestly say no, you should play it first in it’s original form and then check out the ray tracing as to me part of its charm comes from its older look

  6. I’m so excited for portal rtx, it’s one of my favorite games ever and seeing it reworked will be amazing

  7. Yea then some kid tried putting her teddy bear on top of the tree and the whole thing exploded

  8. Have you checked the bus schedule on Scads website because I’m pretty sure the blue bus runs a lot more often than that

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