1. 3dots has them frequently. It's mostly the old Webster's crew.

  2. If your housing is covered by the FHA and you have a prescribed ESA, you are protected. If the housing is exempt from FHA guidelines, it's entirely up to your landlord.

  3. Anyone want to make a bet on if his serious health condition was caused or exacerbated by exposure to cleaning chemicals over 30 years?

  4. Jump ship. Even if you get rid of her, you will always be afraid of the next one taking control.

  5. Just got out of a store where we went from one employee working sick to seven employees out at once with covid for over a week. Call out.

  6. Arkansas doesn't require breaks or has a max shift time.

  7. My parents both had graduate degrees and weren't religious. I was homeschooled for medical reasons as my backwoods school district (100 students from K-12) flat out couldn't accommodate me.

  8. …Ranch bucket? everything I hear about canyon pizza makes me want to go there less. But also more, just out of morbid curiosity. Is it really that bad?

  9. It's an experience that is greatly improved by the prior consumption of drugs and alcohol.

  10. Don't reinvent the wheel, labs are one of the fab four for good reason.

  11. This happened at my last workplace as well. They cut everyone to make $60 or so over the cutoff for asking for unemployment, too.

  12. I remember this episode of SpongeBob. Enjoy the future!

  13. Dorchester House through PMI for a small furnished studio.

  14. This is why I stayed as long as I did. It's not a bad place to be if you have roots.

  15. One of the tests or samples was bad? If you're symptomatic, I'd guess the one at the doctor's was the off one. Glad you got a PCR.

  16. How did you find your last boyfriend? Might be a template for going forward.

  17. Cuffing season is a term regarding the time before the holidays where couples either start dating seriously or change their relationship to be more serious due to societal and familial pressures.

  18. I'm glad you explained it because I was thinking about kinky stuff there.

  19. Doodles are a complete tossup on coat. Some are fluffy. Some are curly. Some are straight. Some are a combination that cannot be tamed. There are quite a few posts on this subreddit about why doodles shouldn't be on anyone's shortlist.

  20. I personally think that the abuser was someone known to the family and that one or both parents were complicit. Whether it was a family member or not I don't think we'll ever know.

  21. So far, nobody that I was in close contact with got it either time I've been sick.

  22. I was like this from days 4-7. Mucinex seemed to help.

  23. I ended up reaching out to the trainer that did his basic obedience and we’re gonna start training in January so I have some time to put some extra work into his dog and bike reactivity

  24. I'm not going to sugarcoat this. A pit mix with reactivity issues is not going to be the psychiatric support you need. You need to be able to trust that your dog can handle themselves in public enough to focus on you, not worry about his behavior getting him banned from campus. I would reach out to a trainer who specializes in psychiatric service dogs for a full screening and gameplan if his reactivity is mild enough to be trained out.

  25. If this is affecting her studies and her general outlook on the college, she should reach out to student support services as well as her direct reslife supervisors. SSS can assist her with providing a listening ear, connect her with wellness and tutoring services, and basically just be a source of support through this. I've seen them work miracles.

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