1. Limit my Superflex leagues to 10 teams. No one should be forced to start QBs like Russell Wilson or Matthew Stafford

  2. We have 14 teams in ours. It's also a keeper so when that league started 3 years ago all the teams who got the good qbs have been dominant the entire time. The teams who didn't get great qbs year 1 have all struggled

  3. They won the superbowl last fucking year and they still cannot fill the stadium with their own fans

  4. Bruh Seahawks stadium got loud Af with cheers for the raiders last week on that walk off TD. The whole rams have no fans thing is way overblown. It’s the same teams that tend to take over every stadium yet somehow the rams are the scapegoat for it. Cowboys Niners and Raiders all travel stupidly well.

  5. They had the decibel meter on all game showing how loud it was while the raiders were on offense

  6. I guess time-out management is different at the high school level

  7. I see people commenting a lot on the TOs, but why should he have used them?

  8. Matt Ryan, a very old veteran qb not known for his running abilities just ran 16 yards on 2nd down, the clock is running and they hurry up to the line and run one of their hurry up plays. In this case an inside handoff that gets blown up.

  9. Been to enough high school games to know the guy in the booth is fucking up the clock most of the time anyway so it's best not to pay attention

  10. Really bad clock management by Indianapolis there

  11. 2 weeks ago I traded Pittman and sanders for tee Higgins and David Montgomery. I feel like a thief

  12. Ryan sat in that pocket way too long and took his eyes off down field. That's a rookie move

  13. They're probably the best in the league when accounting for being on the field constantly due to offensive struggles

  14. I can’t believe the Seahawks won a trade where the best player coming back was Drew Lock

  15. Shelby Harris was by far the best player in the trade this year

  16. Likewise, every mistake will set off a celebration. The sub is going to implode either way.

  17. It's actually going to be annoying. Best move would be to not give him any attention at all

  18. Wow I read the whole article and basically even in 2025 they're taking 10s of millions in dead money.

  19. At least when the seahawks lose a heartbreaker I always have a Denver loss to lift my spirits

  20. Teams do this all the time though. You only have to sit out for one play. It's a very common tactic to get some rest

  21. I love the first comment thread, "it's a fake tweet and people have been joking about him saying it for years, but it's totally something he would have said anyway"

  22. Am I in the twilight zone or is he complaining about not getting calls despite winning yesterday

  23. And also they got some very beneficial game changing calls so not sure what his complaint is

  24. If you watched the game you’d also see that his shin was down. 😆

  25. He was most definitely not down, however it didn't matter regardless

  26. Sample size plays a big role here, but the offense hasn't really let down the team this year aside from the San Francisco game

  27. "we have no choice, his contract is too big to get rid of"

  28. It's going to be so much fun watching the announcers try to dance around his "off field issues"

  29. Fractional scoring usually prevents this. Assuming you are using fractional scoring, and it still ends in a tie, we use bench points. We never had to do this in our 8-year league though.

  30. We have fractional scoring and have had 1 tie in 10 seasons. Went to the bench points tie breaker

  31. Biggest need in the off-season for sure. Maxx Crosby went out and won them that game, we need a game breaker like that

  32. Said the same thing last year when TJ watt stripped Geno in OT.

  33. Up 48 points. Opponent has the Muth and I have Pickens remaining. Is it bad I’m still a little paranoid?

  34. Just stop. Freirmuth would have to have the best day by a tight end in nfl history to beat you

  35. Sounds like a league with wayy too many bonus modifiers. Which is stupid anyway because getting a day like Jacobs had is already rewarding enough

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