1. try microdosing to unlearn all the weird things we think about time and its relation to tasks/what tasks we should be doing.

  2. Learn to reward yourself with things that are good for your general wellbeing, not bad for it. So much of our culture is based around rewarding yourself with something that will ultimately set you back. Once you make this change, you can save a lot (and even make a bunch) of money because rewards build up to a better, healthier you that takes less maintenence costs. Plus, you begin to appreciate the simpler things in life.

  3. Summit and 4th, from 5th Ave in the ShoNo to Hudson St.

  4. You actually need to drive no more than 2 mph over; have lived here for 8 years.

  5. I’m United. For me, it’s about the international connection options. Asia is a frequent destination for me and you have direct options to most of my destinations from ORD, EWR, SFO and IAH. All four also have multiple flights per day to/from CMH.

  6. I’ve seen it described as the Waffle House of the Skies.

  7. I really can’t believe I’m still coming back to it after 4 years. I haven’t found anything that is as enjoyable or alive as Red Dead. There’s a million small details to marvel over.

  8. Nope but I don’t really need them. It would be a fun addition, but I’m not a big fan of PVP modes so I don’t care either way.

  9. I feel it... I just wanted the zany side of gta to find its way to the old west and never got it. Sigh tis a beautiful game though.

  10. Solid chance you won't have time. I'd do a pickup order @ harvest if time is an issue.

  11. That's why I made a road trip to ann arbor last weekend ! FYI if you are a fan of ancient toots flower give winewood organics a shot in Ann arbor

  12. Rec , it's not the cheapest but the quality is the best I have had . Also you get 25% off your first visit ! Looked up online they are worth a shot

  13. Hell yeah I've made a couple trips now but honestly feel overwhelmed with all the options so gonna start going off of others recommendations methinks

  14. I can buy delta 9 gummies from the gas station on my way home from work lmao. $20 for 120mg and only 10mg will have you gone

  15. Yeah everywhere has real edibles and flower now you just have to ask. That's why all the smoke shops have put so much blatant iconography in their windows the last 2 years; trying to get lay people to understand they're openly selling now. I've probably had a dozen friends switch from their normal hookup person to buying from store-fronts around the city. No one is going to enforce it so the quasi black market is popping its head out.

  16. Hey I hope you're making a shitton of money off of this because it is clear you are excellent at what you do and deserve every dime ;)

  17. Thanks but we’re just doing O-K for the record. The industry is harder than it might appear to some people. ;)

  18. Yea when I read 'we're in oregon' and i chuckled that dude thinks anyone out there is getting rich atm #saturated

  19. Stear clear of these and all the smoke shops selling real weed atm lol

  20. I picked up truffeltini from Klutch and feel the same way... excellent strain <3

  21. Says the person who called me out and made me explain stuff to them lol have a good (and maybe try less high) day!

  22. Tried them twice around 6 months ago? Animal face and icr the second flavor. V harsh, little terp profile, priced as top-shelf and I would have called it C+, B- cannabis at best.

  23. o43 is actually a hybrid.. lots of people think its sativia though

  24. Yeah I'm not knocking it but objectively it is like B+, A- territory for me. Great, but have seen and had better.

  25. Round 6 months ago is when I stopped trying them (only started because word of mouth.) 100% overhyped and shits mid-tier quality at best anywhere else

  26. 2 years ago when I got my card I thought the Woodward was pretty gangster . Haven’t purchased flower in a long time tho and if they make concentrates I’ve never seen them. These days getting real romantic with that ancient roots / wellsprings fields , pretty much everytime I have the chance . Especially if you see something you don’t usually see from AR , cop that shit 98% chance it’s fire

  27. Yeah I just tried ancient roots for the first time a couple months ago! It is escaping me what I snagged though. Will look for wellsprings, am not familiar <3

  28. Also are there any industries free flights would give me a competitive advantage in

  29. A lot of these companies selling in ohio are giant mult-state producers who just find someone local to do the stuff they can't legally. Look up 'multi-state operators' to learn about this national practice. Would be like if all of a sudden Pepsi started branding tomatos... that some local ohio farmer grew. Kinda lame and judging from ohios obsession with local, craft beer, not what most consumers actually want. That is why they don't necessarily hide it, but don't blast the fact that you may just be making someone's rich uncle Rick (who lives in Denver or Austin) richer.

  30. Well i mean you might not think about it but packaging usually tells itself what makes you. Think that they’ll be any good when they literally spend 2 minutes just on packaging, that’s why if you ever been to a dispensary they have nice ass containers and bags not no Amazon next day shipping Mylar bags, just like Mario carts and all them fake ass carts you see the packaging with the cartoons or what not yeah their fake 😂 idc what it smells like or looks like, cookies got good looking weed but if you know then you know cookies is just mids

  31. ...just go to dispensaries then and leave all the good, cheap products to us lol

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