1. Nice Les. I have my eye on the monolith.

  2. Whatever drop in is on sale between 99-149 at the time I need a trigger for whatever build I'm doing is good enough for me.

  3. Same, optics planet has Rise Triggers for $89 sometimes 3.5lb pull

  4. I mean at least his dick wasn’t out and she was snorting coke off of that…

  5. Indeed it does. Next time OP will probably get some dumb prayer card as a tip. Ugh.

  6. I’ve gotten one of those. Fuck those people.

  7. Leto off the list please. Off every list please just have him go away just horrible

  8. Saw his band once at a show and he lip synced and didn’t guitar parts faked. Lost all respect for him over a decade ago.

  9. Stand ground, probably would have withdrew my weapon and if his gun pointed in my direction I would have fired 2-3 shots.

  10. Look around America, the DEA failed America like no other agency. All the government lawyers that don't do their jobs and the legislators that changed the laws cause "prosecution of the homeless is mean." They are the assclowns that are fucking America into the ground. American law enforcement is a bad joke

  11. Let’s not forget the ATF, they also will probably shoot your dog. They have a history of shooting dogs doesn’t matter the size of they bark.

  12. This is true, concert presale is worth it alone, floor tickets cost about $150 2 years ago.

  13. Can Elon go to Mars and never come back?

  14. So I had a landlord do this once. I then paid $2 for cashier checks… and 3 of em have been returned so far. Worth the $24/yr. Funds came in years after I lived there… definitely wasn’t going to repay it- had to take her to court for deposit (and won).

  15. Glad to report 200rd down range, not a single hiccup. Recoil impulse is very tamed. Very pleased with the purchase.

  16. Looking forward to getting myself a Dan Wesson.

  17. Nothing, yes, they shoot great, but the SACS Pro is cookie cutter. Springfield won't allow you to add any changes or modifications when ordering, you get the gun as is.

  18. Don’t most of their parts come from Brazil, overpriced Taurus?

  19. Seriously books were close to 1K for me. Then oh new addition coming out, here’s $50

  20. Jimmy might actually be the one who needs his writers the most(appart from maybe John Oliver but for different reasons). I can see Colbert being able to pull off a show without a writer, even if that is just a 45 minute q n a with his audience about lord of the rings

  21. bees… killer bees. Run. Save yourself!!

  22. Too bad it can’t be seized… or he’ll ya know pay some fucking taxes at least.

  23. Zero experience. I racked one at a LGS and it felt smooth. Aside from WC items do you plan on having a trigger job done?

  24. In my opinion, you are correct. Apparently in the rest of New England, they serve it cold with a type of mayonnaise based spread.

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