1. Layer Cake has my heart haha but also MotorBreath and Triple Choco Chip!

  2. Is the taste any good? Or is it just like meh but makes up for it in the effects?

  3. I like doing induction, you stand in one place and sort flats on a line, super chill

  4. I think it's cause the subreddit got flagged as 'NSFW' or not safe for work cause of the mature themes and such. I guess they blur the images for those scrolling in public, I think you can turn it off but I'm not sure how

  5. well that's bullshit what if you work in the industry? more medical discrimination!!!

  6. I agree it's very stupid! I don't mind scrolling in public, if someone looks at my phone that's on them haha, they took the risk

  7. I'm a primary layer cake/triple chocolate chip pod user but branched out to this one and seriously was not disappointed; it will be added to regular rotation. The taste is minty with a hint of chocolate like a thin mint and ends with a spicy earth flavor that's smooth. Again, I usually only use indicas but this hybrid had me feeling well enough to clean the house but to relax afterwards. I definitely recommend!

  8. Yeah dude completely. Hairline, facial hair, overall face, arms (so everything pictured) completely passes. Also just want to say that as someone who also has red facial hair, you are goals. My shit comes in super light outside of a few scattered dark red ones lol.

  9. That's exactly how mine started! It was sparse and light but slowly got darker!

  10. Thank you all, you've taken a weight off my chest. I'm stealth at work for safety reasons because I work in Kentucky and it's not the most friendly. Yesterday one of the managers kept calling me 'she' and I was literally on the verge of tears. Thank you for helping ease my kind

  11. Yeah thinking it may be worth the drive. I didn’t know if it was just me or if the program has just blown up the last few weeks. Lines have been crazy everywhere.

  12. I was in the same boat, I only go to About Wellness now. Their prices are great!

  13. Are you putting in online orders? I don't have to wait for much if at all on them like 5 to 10 mins at sunny and nearly instant at veri

  14. Unfortunately they don't do online at the moment! They were recently bought out and I was told they will eventually have it!

  15. Where was this purchased? I'd love to try it!

  16. It wouldn't surprise me if they did, while I don't know for sure today, I know they've changed some days! Sundays used to be 20% off one item but now it's buy 4 and get 20%, which really threw me off one day! I'm making a trip there today, I'll ask and report back

  17. I know you can get CBD/CBG flower online fairly cheap and you can mix that with your dispo flower to really get medicated!

  18. Been wanting to try this one! What's the taste like? Do you recommend?

  19. I've been wondering about this one! How is it? Is the taste really fruity ?

  20. If they're co2 then I'm coming for them! Sounds awesome and cheaper than klutch and BE

  21. You've got me sold! Happy to see them coming in bigger sizes and cheaper prices, I use luster pods almost exclusively

  22. Man, they really hyped it up for no reason. They could have just shown us that on the calendar! I thought it was gonna be big, my mistake haha

  23. When I'm low on cash Wellspring Fields concentrates truly aren't too bad!

  24. I'm so hoping to make it there soon, even the packaging of all that looks better than here in Ohio! Are you a luster pod user? Do you know what the Michigan equivalent to one would be? Or do they sell luster pods in other states?

  25. White Truffle pod was AMAZING for depression symptoms. I just felt completely in balance and functional, with some optimism about the word.

  26. I've been wanting to try the white truffle! What kind of taste does it have?

  27. Never posted a topic… sorry. Just tried RSO for the first time and it’s definitely the best option for edibles

  28. Which brand RSO did you have? I've been meaning to branch out with it! I've been wondering who has the best

  29. It’s a lot of young people who have no respect for the people they are supposed to be helping

  30. Most of the young people I've dealt with are amazing and understanding. Actually, a lot of the trouble I've seen, comes from the older folks feeling entitled. So, I don't think it's age.

  31. My body is weird with edibles plus they're so expensive and you get so little that I found the best 'edible' experience is with either the infused honey or RSO!

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