1. Most people born on 3rd base think that they’re “self made” no matter what. It’s cognitive dissonance to the nth degree. Even if someone doesn’t get hard cash from family, the education, access and network they’re born into sets them up for life.

  2. My family is nowhere close to being millionaires or anything. But I didn’t realize until much later after college the benefits I received from being in a decent middle class family.

  3. It still is! But lack of any mouse controls and ascii graphics probably put off many people

  4. What is this game. I downloaded the free once once and didn’t really know what was going on.

  5. All you need for Morrowind is what I call them the holy 3 mods - Code Patch, Purist, Extender XE and the game runs perfectly - these will fix most of the bugs and will change if you want or add enough stuff to make you experience great - pure vanilla! Ofc you can always add just a few more graphics mods if you want for faces , trees. armor/weapons etc. but not too many. You don't want to spend more time modding the game than playing it ^ * (very common issue)

  6. Can you explain what those mods do? I’d love to be able to get into morrowiwnd.

  7. I mean I can tell you just the basics that I remember. I played almost 2 years ago my entire summer. Core Patch fixes a lot of bugs including some really important fixes fot the famous save corruption problems that plagues both Morrowind and Oblivion. On Nexusmods you can read all the fixes. Also it adds options that you may change if you want - these are really cool gameplay options that can imporve your experience significantly and you can decide on your own what you want or not. Patch for Purists is also bug fixes while it keeps the game vanilla. Does not change anything from the original game. MGE XE changes viewing distance, adds better lightning. great sunsets, fine shaders - it just makes the game look a lot better.

  8. Thanks! I’ve always wanted to get into this game. I tried a few times but it didn’t stick due to frustration of random things.

  9. Wouldn't have ever guessed that 4 is academic, I thought it was the average (because of leap years)

  10. When I was in Morocco my friend and I went into a small shop to get a few snacks before a long car ride.

  11. I have this wild idea. But maybe it’s not very good. They could have riker go into the holo deck and pretend to be a chef on kirks enterprise, but they are old and pretend that nothing has changed.

  12. Ahh, yes. The fridge of cocaine. It is one of the many blessings the lord gives us.

  13. I think all my chargers are Ugreen unless the original charger still works and they all have been working flawlessly and are all high quality.

  14. anker if you're reading this, i thought highly of your company because of the great quality of your usb chargers, but reading about this disgraceful conduct has greatly diminished my appetite for your products

  15. Same, my wife and I have already stopped buying from them and found an alternate brand. We have been happy with Ugreen.

  16. I think for a lot of people, pets are a substitute for the children they’re not having. They spoil their pets, and the pets fill their emotional need to parent and nurture.

  17. My wife and I will not have kids but we have two kittens and they fulfill this role.

  18. Why do so many people just assume that non-employees are lying when they say they don't work there? Has there been a single instance where an employee did lie about where they worked and someone busted them?

  19. When I worked in retail ages ago, we would have a few regular “Karen’s” everyone tried to find a way to be busy so we didn’t have to be the one to deal with them.

  20. Ext4 is the most resilient, and the feature set is pretty good. Btrfs is kind of an overkill for a lot of systems, unless you tend to rely on snapshots for whatever reason.

  21. I use it on my games drive as I can turn on native compression. It really can save a decent amount of space.

  22. I dunno ive always had problems with it and fell back to ext4

  23. As an American, I just want to say. We will never forgive you for James Cordon.

  24. You should be a bit more specific on how customizable you want it to be.

  25. I still buy the premise from that novel, that the entire last episode actually was Riker's holodeck version of events and Tripp didn't actually die. He was recruited into Section 31 and faked his death on the official record.

  26. That would explain why the death didn’t feel “authentic” and it never explained how those alien thugs got aboard enterprise to begin with.

  27. Also, I can't believe this is the first and only time we get to see Chef and it's not even really him. I feel like they either should have played up their intentionally not showing him throughout the series, or made him a bigger part of the story, or just... something. Wasted potential all around with that "character" (if you can even call him that)

  28. When I told my wife about the last episode, she thought it was interesting that there was a chef instead of replicators. I had to explain that it’s literally only in this episode.

  29. From an out of universe perspective, it wasn't a great episode. I think it did a disservice to the cast of Enterprise, and while it was the end of all Star Trek as we knew it at the time, perhaps for a long time, it should have been their episode. So while I get why they wanted to include a link to TNG, it just felt kinda forced and unnecessary. And it explains why he and the NX-01 are never mentioned prior, because they hadn't been thought of in the prior shows.

  30. This is how I feel about it exactly. It was a disservice to the cast. It took the show away from them.

  31. Where did you get the movie from? How did you know about the movie in the first place. Did you talk to anyone at all about the movie? Like even in a desert with no tech around? Because they may have searched for it and Facebook knows that you two were together and lost signal at the same time.

  32. no, didn't talk to anyone. i torrented it and it's been sitting on my hard drive for months. is facebook reading my thoughts? scanning my hard drive from brave browser?

  33. Probably scanned your cookies and saw you went to that torrent site.

  34. I also feel like I may be over complicating note taking. Since this is my first technical thing I’m trying to learn, I am not sure how to go about taking notes or if I even if I should take notes. Any advice on how to go about learning? Like should I just go through the lectures and type out all the examples of code on an IDE and tinker with it a little instead of taking notes? I know from what I’ve read, some people are for taking notes and some aren’t.

  35. I just used a book that way I could go at my own pace, but lectures are fine if you prefer that learning style.

  36. Sounds like you are looking for an excuse to buy an iPad. I think you should just get a notebook, but what kinds of things do you think you will be writing down by hand?

  37. They price this so high no one buys it. It then expires and gets tossed. What a waste.

  38. Where I live there were grapefruits for like $3 a piece. I told my wife the same thing. Who is paying that much for a single piece of fruit. This is in a third would country, too.

  39. Great question. I think it is not really needed. You can say I sat at the kitchen table. Or I sat down at the kitchen table. They both mean the same thing.

  40. I have an rx 470 gb card. It’s held up pretty well as I’m still 1080. But I’d like a new card.

  41. rimworld is my go to for things like this

  42. I need to watch a tutorial on this. I started it a long time ago and then got busy and have been too intimidated to pick it back up.

  43. I had the small one with the wired lines coming out of the top.

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