1. I wanna meet a heroine who emotionally snacks and is kinda chubby, I would identify.

  2. Salt lamps are not only very dangerous for animals but have a history of combusting & causing terrible house fires. Wouldn’t chance it.

  3. From my understanding the dangers they present to animals is only if they ingest them. Similarly, based on a recent search, they don’t pose more dangers than any other type of household lamp. Thanks for the input though!

  4. Love this! We’re also 13 months in (14 in a few days!) neither of us are anywhere near done!

  5. This sub/community really is gonna be overrun again by obnoxious fan who treat this shit like a reality show huh?

  6. You’re giving crying Kim energy right now

  7. Ummmmm yeah that would freak me out too. One time I was swimming at Mascot quarry (illegal), and there’s a car underwater there that you can see from the surface, but it’s like 5-8ft down. Friends would swim over to look at it, dive down to try and open the doors (huuuge nope from me), and a friend wanted to swim over and see it for the first time. I knew where it was and had looked at it once before, but told her I’d swim her close to where I thought it was but would leave her as soon as she saw it. She was like “I think I see it?” and I was like “uhhh no, there’ll be no question when you see it,” and then a couple seconds later she shrieked and I noped outta there real quick.

  8. Not as harrowing as I expected. Depending on the level of the lake does that entrance ever get completely submerged?

  9. It was submerged when I saw it yesterday so it must change! My god brother also said the ladder situation has become more precarious since the linked video was taken. Apparently some of the steps broke and redneck engineering found a way install makeshift replacements.

  10. This girl did not just say God told her to buy eggplant 😂😭 what in the actual hell

  11. My MIL wants to be Oma, despite no German heritage. Fil doesn’t want the matching Opa so it’s Oma and Peepaw…. Wtf is that.

  12. ma’am this made me legitimately laugh out loud. Why are MILs so crazy 😂😭

  13. Complete side note I'm in love with your butterfly shin tattoos 😍

  14. I sobbed for you. I wish so desperately there was anything that could be said to help fill the hole in your heart. Be gentle with yourself in this time and know that you ARE the best mother you baby could have ever wished for. You are still her mother and she is still your baby and nothing will ever change that.

  15. Did he say this half asleep or fully awake?

  16. Gave birth in September with no epidural and I gotta say, home girl ain’t gonna do it 😅

  17. How’d you do it? I am having my second in september and my first i took the epidural because my labour was so bad (I was induced)

  18. Obvi I’m not a doctor but I have lots of things that helped me. I’m DM you 🙂

  19. Your comment history is a bit concerning. Get some help, buddy.

  20. She loved it! She was so calm and seemed to really be taking in all the sights, smells, and sounds.

  21. Oo! What backpack carrier is that?? I've been shopping around, I want one like this.

  22. Kelty! I got ours off Facebook marketplace for around 1/4 of the cost I’d pay for a new one. There were lots on there so I definitely recommend looking!

  23. Kelty! We got ours second hand off Facebook marketplace. There were tons on there and all around 1/4 of the price you’d pay for a new ones

  24. We stayed at The Henderson in Destin, FL for our baby moon! It was perfect ❤️

  25. I understand. I had my first child in September and I have virtually no support. My own parents passed away years ago and my husband is estranged from his family.

  26. I gave birth with no epidural or pain management in the hospital and I would put it at a 1/10 on pain. It was pretty uncomfortable but not really painful

  27. I lost my parents when I was 14 and I’m now 23. I didn’t have them present for my HS or College graduations. Or my wedding. Or the birth of my first child. It can be dreadfully hard. I completely understand what you’re going through.

  28. My dad died when I was 38 weeks pregnant, when I was 40 weeks and in labour I was scrolling fb when a woman on a psychic group posted a sketch she’d drawn of a man and a description of songs he liked and about his life in his 30s, it completely fit him. She spoke to me about him that night right up until i had my baby girl

  29. Omg. That is so wonderful! So kind of our parents to let us know they are here. ❤️

  30. This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful gift from your mom.

  31. I have been visited by my mother twice. She was murdered by my dad in 2014 after they divorced. I when I was 13.

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