1. Ha, I thought this was something where you write so much your wrist grows some sort of extra limb to help with padding while writing

  2. For a sim that's 95% character customization and 5% murder method tester, The Sims actually had a relatively poorly thought out UI for character customization. Sims 3 was better than 4, but all of them could have used more variance

  3. He must have fucked with somebody's mother, sister, or SO that stays in that jail, that's extremely quick to get killed, even for a suspected serial rapist

  4. I just hope they include more sound effects I can rip for my phone. My phone notification sound has been the Sins ping for ages even though I haven't played the game in years.

  5. Put the Krosov Siege Frigate as my ringtone and then go to the airport lol

  6. Planning to cut my head to get to 100%

  7. Yeah the ones with the tentacles, those are some weird dreams

  8. IMO, the only games that do bad choices right are the ones with the most gray areas morally throughout the whole game. Witcher 3 may have flaws but the game's biggest strengths are its moral dilemmas, I've never encountered a game that required me to think at the level Witcher did. ME did this pretty damned well for a major production coming from EA, but Witcher is the best of the best

  9. Or a bank for members to put CG into which only Co and Leaders can pull from

  10. A completely optional bank, my clan doesn't need it but maybe some people out there don't really care what they put their CG into and this would give those people an outlet. This way it's fully optional, not like that other guy who wants leaders to have the ability to remove gold from upgrades. My idea is in between that and nothing.

  11. you must not have tipped, leaving them to feel like they were doing charity work or something because there is no other reason someone should be opening your food bag to leave solicitations. it's as classy as leaving a note informing people they should tip more.

  12. Lol you should go out to eat with my parents some time

  13. This is how RGIIIs career ended. He’s tiptoeing on the sideline, then dash past the defender, eventually the defenders take nasty shots at him regardless if it’s penalties or not.

  14. Yeah that's an unwritten rule. If the defense will respect the QB enough to not take a shot as he clearly angles out of bounds, and the QB shits all over that, then what else can he expect? It's immature and naive to expect less than dirty play for dirty play

  15. And the barbarian king is shit

  16. Everyone talking shit about having the cat on a plane as a comfort animal forgot that sometimes people move and want to take their pets with them.

  17. So I guess they quit selling crates or cages in the past 24 hours? Or because they're moving cross country they get a pass?

  18. I think I passed a sign back there that said "Don't feed the trolls." Lol, I dunno what that's about tho

  19. People who play with the in-game music off and have their own playlist:

  20. My main Spotify playlist is literally called Gaming Playlist and was conceived, curated, and completely molded by Rocket League and what goes well with the game. Absolutely RL required a separate playlist

  21. the fact that this, or something like this was posted unironically at least once makes me feel like stopping breathing would improve my mental health

  22. I tried that when I was a kid and it didn't work, sad to say

  23. My brother tells me this and I ignore him also. I also die a lot to lava and he loves it every time lol

  24. This can happen if there are too many empires at game start. It's pretty easy to use origins to push a map quite a bit over the intended empire cap at spawn, and weird things will happen.

  25. Bees actually hold their poop for a long time. They will only poop if conditions are right for it. They can stay in the hives during winter and not fill it with poop or have to go into the cold and die to poop that way. Sometimes they will take "cleansing flights" in winter if they can't hold it anymore and fly out and around and back to the hive pooping their tiny brains out before they freeze.

  26. God I love Reddit comments, I get such a learning boner every time I come to a post like this

  27. I think you still would be smarter than that guy, even if this weren't ironic lol

  28. Top-tier poll, also I picked the top one and we're winning, so the rest of you can suck it

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