1. Opening some packages this morning. Piur select super boof and mac1

  2. This is most likely just a stressed-out photoperiod. Autos are rarely used in commercial grows.

  3. You'll be fine. I put two of my girls in a box and the box even got tipped over and bent a fresh node. My small seedling was sitting slanted and they bounced back right after I set the tent back up. These plants are quite resilient.

  4. It’s your dirt. Get something with coco & or pear lite and something that’s lighter, pure dirt. Don’t want the dirt that has wood chips and twigs in it

  5. Yeah but 500 one time in equipment and roughly 50$ for materials per grow is vastly cheaper than spending money on weed lol.

  6. Nissans are notorious for their transmissions going out. Any reason why you're even looking for one?

  7. I'm in the market for a new car and came across this one. Seemed pretty nice off bat until the guy started it up... it's also a manual. I've been told the manual transmissions hold up a lot better.

  8. Nope. Told the seller I'd go home and sleep on it. Probably won't be anymore.

  9. Just a cheap FECEIDA from amazon. It was advertised as 600 watts but I would only recommend it for vegging or starting seedlings. I upgraded to a ViparSpectra XS1500 Pro and my plants are doing much much better.

  10. Of course man, no problem. I will say that if you have a smaller tent the vipar will raise tent temperatures unless you have a ventilation system.

  11. Upstate and Hemp Barn: never in stock, always fire

  12. I second the VG. Ugly buds but they're always hard hitters for sure.

  13. This dude is an idiot, I’ve seen him going around and talking crap about basically every vendor there is today.

  14. You must have some sort of super tolerance... do you not know what thca flower is?

  15. It's very small for 4 weeks and it also looks soaking wet, I think u hindered it's growth with to much water.

  16. I had just misted it with some water in the picture.. I water when the soil feels dry (every 2-3 days)

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