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  1. Big thanks mate, probable not raiding this weekend

  2. I agree, hak5 just streamlines tools you can make yourself, and gives a nice web interface for it. It's neat to make them into mass market tools, but, they charge out the ass for it. Basically attempting a sort of monopoly on hacker gear. Don't get me wrong, many, like the rubber ducky, is useful af. But nothing a $15(well, not rn, like $200 rn) pi zero can do.

  3. And even they don't excel at that. I tested Pineapple some years ago and it was super buggy (some modules worked in some version, others in previous one, etc.). A hell to configure a PoC.

  4. He should be reading soon... keep your Pokemon themed entertainment to help it.

  5. I loved the Pokémon books so much as a kid, I wonder do they still do them. they were basically just novelisations of the episodes

  6. I haven't read any. There is also the manga, although in some parts is more adult I think.

  7. It's legit. You can use Platinum coin for icons in Nintendo Switch, discounts on My Nintendo shop and some wallpapers.

  8. Im guessing i cant convert these platinum points in gold points right?

  9. Yep, you can't. Gold points only come from buying in the eshop or redeeming the points in physical games (2 years from release date in Europe, in other regions I think only 1 year)

  10. Send an request don’t really play it that much but if you just wanted the points

  11. Absolutely do you have an ability patch at all?

  12. Nightwing pls, i don't want more origin stories.

  13. Too easy for me. I prefer to lose my time throwing uncountable Pokeballs xD.

  14. Same here, any info on this? I was nearly finishing S2 and saw this.

  15. I think it wasn't Halloween per se, but here we go. A bunch of friend wore an outfit similar to "English man reading newspaper after woking up in the morning". It was quite strange and hilarious.

  16. What I read is from normal to great, not bad ones (like Marvel and DC, I mean). In 2019, i bought almost every postreboot comic in a huge discount in Spain due to end of publishing. I have a great stack of pending books.

  17. The part near Plaza Castilla is very safe, I lived there some years ago. If you enter to the hood (Almenara) you can see some questionable people, but I never had any kind of problem.

  18. Glorious ISO TKL with GPBT Black Ask Keycaps (and some spare parts) and Kailh Speed Bronze switches.

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