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  1. I needed to accept that I was not special to him. I literally got the bigger picture and understood that I am just as "special" to him as everyone else. He was desperately texting to like 5 girls at the same time, saying the same things to all of them, and I was the only one (young and dumb at the time) to fall for it. And it made me feel ashamed and completely miserable. I gathered up my courage and left this person with no regrets. A man-baby who cries fake tears to get into a relatinship... Who would ever settle for something like this?

  2. I learned this in friendships. I can enjoy the other person's presence very much, love them as a friend and be afraid to lose them, but as long as my fear to initiate meetups (childhood trauma) keeps me away of coming up with plans, the friendship is very likely to fall apart, as it appears to be one-sided. The other person is not a mind reader. Lack of action from your side will be interpreted as the lack of *wish* to do stuff.

  3. I was taking them some 7 years ago, for 6 months in total.

  4. Black leather clothing, especially jackets with metallic elements

  5. Many times. Skmetimes I just don't understand why some of the posts have thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments, while mine hve been viewed like 45 times 😅

  6. I couldn't relate more... Even though I'm in my mid 20s now, I remember that pain from when I was in my teens. One spring, my favourite band was having concert in my city, and I didn't attend it because I had noone to go together with. I heard the bass coming from the stage, as I was living nearby it, and god how depressing it was! And the very next day, a bully in school asked me "so why didn't you go? You didn't have anyone to go with, huh?" It was a crippling pain..

  7. For me it's the self esteem and showing love to others. My mom has always been emotionally unavailable, so we never said "i love you" in my family, hugged, or spoke about our emotions, etc.

  8. This sounds so so so much like me. I'm struggling in my current relationship because I am aware that I'm am not very good at showing love or affection and it is starting to make my boyfriend resent me. I also struggle a lot with self-esteem, but am making progress in that regard.

  9. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this. It's not easy at all!

  10. I've gone through the same and lost my cheeks, as well as thinned out the undereye area. I keep wondering how it is even possible. I also wonder if there's an active which could possibly increase the volume (also as a side effect I suppose, just like retinoids?). I miss my cheeks and it's a pity this is such a rare side effect. I wish dermotologists talked about it...

  11. I'd say, leave him. Or it will haunt you forever. Cheating is a horrible betrayal and nobody deserves to be cheated on. You deserve a relationship that's based on true love, honesty and respect. And I'm sure you will have it all, once you leave this cheater and move on.

  12. You constantly think you're worse than others by default and that nothing can change it

  13. The shiny face trend, or idk how else to describe it. A shiny tip of the nose especially. Many overdo it and it looks quite odd

  14. Anything spicy. It's literally just sore mouth and bad hickups, so what's the point

  15. In primary school, a teacher told us to say out loud one thing that we're dissatisfied with in the school. Someone mentioned the huge load of homework, I told about my male classmates making sexual jokes about me, etc. Only one girl said there's nothing to complain about.

  16. The envious type. I don't consider this life a competition.

  17. Not changing my looks. "You still look the same" with a negative connotation. So often.

  18. Anything regarding my future plans in terms of my private life.

  19. Same here... I've realised I don't want my career to be the main focus in my life. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy.

  20. I was in a fitting room, trying on a prom dress. I had just taken it off to change back to my regular clothes when a kid, maybe 5 yo, opened the curtain exposing me to everyone. I closed it immediatelly and had to hold it because she tried to reopen it again and again... I was unable to put my clothes back on because both of my hands were busy holding the curtain. Free birth control 🙂

  21. Drinking plenty of water, enjoying the sun, and wearing sunscreen to avoid painful sunburns.

  22. When I was younger (late teens), guys mocked me because I didn't match their standards of what counts as "sexy". I was rarely taken seriously, and heard such phrases as "nice forehead LOL".

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