1. I think the idea is Misty is so cute she’s got to be really frightening if can’t find someone. I’m sure she gets lots of matches and proceeds to scare the bejesus out of the guy during the date, like in the first ep

  2. Transparent attempt to get “cancelled” and milk that notoriety for a couple weeks of rube clicks until he quits “for his family’s safety.”

  3. Ahh yes, the Britbrat pipeline... How long until they start offering meal planning guides with the help of trainer Joe?

  4. I think this is the first time you’ve ever replied to me! I feel like I met a celebrity 🤩

  5. I thought about this but apparently the children were never paid as Coogan’s law doesn’t apply to child reality stars.

  6. That’s fucked up. Reality and social media has 90% of the child labor now

  7. With much respect to the actors who play her character, Shauna is a shitty and selfish person who hurts everyone close to her.

  8. In terms of adult Shauna, Melanie Lynskey is so goddamn delightful to watch it’s hard not to like/root for her, even when her character is awful. She was the same in 2.5 Men, a show I despised but watched just for her, and even Heavenly Creatures. It’s not as if she’s not acting like an awful person, it’s right there, but you can’t tell right away since she looks so unassuming and kind just by her demeanor/appearance

  9. oh my god that was her in Heavenly Creatures! I never made the connection. Wow.

  10. She came out swinging right? Kate Winslet was considered “fat” in her role as Pauline in Creatures. BTW, if 👑Kate Winsket would grace us with her presence in Yellowjackets, even for a SECOND, my life will have peaked

  11. Well, I for one hope you recover quickly and the other driver (if there is one) is insured. I bet you will have some quality shitposts while on the morphine. Also if you are on morphine may I suggest listening to the Pulp album This is Hardcore (Deluxe Edition) which I had a lovely time listening to on (legal) dilaudid.

  12. Wow it’s all just pictures of the dog and they live in nyc

  13. “Info wars vitamins?” They’re called nutri-ceuticals, and they’re the only medicine that doesn’t make you GAY when you take it! Have some respect for science

  14. I hope you texted her back! You did, right? I’m gonna text my mom and mother in law that it’s the first day of spring right away

  15. Yeah, I never really got that this joke at all. And seeing some people loved it enough to make a post about it is even weirder to me. I mean, 1) why does it matter what she looked like as a baby. Why does he have such a strong reaction to what she looked like as a baby? and 2) She looked like a completely normal baby. Her hair is standing up. That’s the only “odd” thing about the picture. Why did he even have that reaction?

  16. He is afraid his future babies (with angela) will be ugly

  17. This is so well-done and pretty yet metal at the same time! The lines and texture of her skirt are gorgeous, so delicate

  18. If this was in a book or movie people would say it was too obvious and overt and to tone down the foreshadowing

  19. YES! That’s why it’s so unnerving. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It’s like “lady, tone it down a little, you’re acting like a cartoon parody of a narcissist.” It boggles the mind someone can be so blatantly awful, a. Not on purpose and b. Completely oblivious to themselves. But that’s why narcissism is so scary, they totally lack the ability for introspection and self-analysis. It’s just “yeah, this is the good baby and the toddler is bad on purpose, sucks to suck toddler.” HOW can anyone without animated fangs and glowing red eyes be so evil? That’s just fucking narcissism though. Poor Davey.

  20. smacks van yeah, you can fit six or seven puppies in this bad boy, plus an ice cream machine

  21. Hey bitch 👋, we are desperately worried for your children, none of us give a shit about your soul anguish or whatever. Since we know to the best of our ability that they are at least alive, now we have our fingers crossed none of them are maimed or chronically ill. We don’t care that you had a dream where the devil’s possessing your favorite Stuckey’s waitress. Just post proof of all your kids limbs still being attached to them and we are good.

  22. I bet you the contents of my pocket- so a 3/4 loaded dab pen and expired hotel key- that Jenelle hates this blonde woman with all of the passion she lacks for her children. I bet every time she lights a cigarette with the butt of her previous cigarette, she imagines grinding out the hot girl’s eyes with it

  23. I’m guilty of misspelling the name and I will stop. Thanks for pointing it out. There’s plenty enough ways to snark about her without disrespecting anyone else’s faith

  24. I feel like Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (written out because, while not in this community, I've seen "TERF" applied to people who are absolutely neither radical nor feminist) should really take a long, hard look at who's on their side. Like, Matt Walsh. That man does not agree with feminist activists on damn near anything....except for trans rights. On that issue, they're in seemingly perfect sync. Oppose the same things for the same reasons. When someone whose beliefs are generally anathema to yours agrees with you 100% on a major social issue, that should be a sign to reevaluate what you believe and why.

  25. The fact that JK Rowling got chummy with him on Twitter reinforced it: she’s not “pro-woman,” she’s straight up anti trans. Rowling is a survivor of partner violence and an advocate for educating girls, so a pedo apologist and literal fascist should disgust her.

  26. “There will be cameras all over the car, in case you girls were worried about… getting carjacked. There’s no way any Hellbound perv- ah, gangster would mess with yooooou’re car if they knew it was covered in cameras. Stop crying!”

  27. I feel like any baby coming out of there would become a puree, so I doubt that.

  28. No, you can just get mad cow disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), avian flu and other " civilized diseases" that way. 😂

  29. And E.coli from Bubba burgers, but that’s an anomaly. Wet markets are disgusting, barbaric cesspools. Allow me to eat this Perdue bacon and Tyson chicken, made in sanitary luxury

  30. Removing the foil lid of the pudding and folding it into a makeshift spoon is problem solving. Just using your hands is poor impulse control.

  31. If you want really scary stuff, Caveat had family drama, but no SA. It was dark, creepy, weird, intense, and terrifying. Maybe it’s not a family film unless you have gothy teenagers, not 6th graders

  32. I bet Barb just can’t physically do it anymore. She’s had a hard-working life and she’s probably emotionally exhausted. Maybe it’s this or a stress-related coronary

  33. Reminds me of Emily Mitchell, fundie-lite who ran “The Hidden Way”. She died during pregnancy and her husband remarried a year later! A lot of her followers were pissed. It’s like these women just exist to be brood sows to their husbands.

  34. I was genuinely shocked JB didn’t encourage Michelle to hold out and prioritize Josie during her preeclampsia, thinking of his next wife waiting in the wings for him. Either he really loves her or (more likely) TLC wouldn’t televise death in childbirth for their most wholesome property

  35. I’m suspecting it’s that too. Someone saw something that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and got her some help.

  36. If any old mall goths (like me) want to feel incredibly hot, I suggest listening to Garbage and Garbage 2.0 by Shirley Manson, et al. which I know is not goth music, it’s mall goth music. I’ve never felt more powerful then when I was haunting the Orange Julius listening to Garbage 2.0

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