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  1. So, there have been proposed bills, laws, etc. that are batshit crazy since the country was founded. Now things leak so fast its insane. This isn't new, we just hear about it more. Keep voting, stay strong, support each other. We will make it through this if we fight together.

  2. Answer: I feel like the linked article sums up the arguments perfectly.

  3. I always heard Latino was fine or Latine to be the alternative.

  4. Just like how he was going to put Hillary Clinton behind bars and we'd have a wall between USA and Mexico.

  5. You do understand how much trouble Trump is in right now? He'll never run in 2024.

  6. Trump is in perpetual trouble. If he decided to run, he'd have no trouble getting the GOP nomination. The walls are always closing in, his judgment is just around the corner, etc., etc., but nothing will actually come to pass, because if they truly do get Trump on these charges, that opens it up for charges to be filed on dozens if not hundreds of politicians, past and present.

  7. The GOP had to vote 15 times for speaker of the house. I think it's safe to say the party is a shit show and divided. It wouldn't surprise me if he disappears or flees.

  8. Thanks for the clarification. I would never have guessed that 29 years after Bill's administration that a Hillary administration would be considered a "dynasty." I guess technically 🤷 it's correct, even though she's Clinton by marriage. I suppose Teddy Roosevelt and FDR make a dynasty - cousins I think. Bush/Bush. Adams/Adams. But Lyndon and Andrew don't qualify I believe. Interesting.

  9. Did you forget her time as secretary of state? And that they've been grooming Chelsea for office?

  10. Dumbass yes it is. It’s literally a 3rd Titanfall game.

  11. A mobile spinoff strategy game isn’t the same thing. I’m talking an out a core series game.

  12. It depends on how much blood you're peeing. Some times a little bit of blood is a sign of a UTI. Source: me, I've get them all the time.

  13. His one redeeming quality was he killed Hitler…

  14. I'm buying the Vinnie STL after I've finished Modo, I'm probably going to do all three as a set!

  15. yeah, i saw my GP. she did a palpating exam, and ordered an ultrasound of the tissue. the discharge is clear to whitish haha

  16. Mine is clearish yellow, like tears. Mine did a physical exam and didn't find anything. I had 2 mammograms and an ultrasound. They just found some benign cysts that were nothing to worry about. I have Gynomastia, which they confirmed in the ultrasound. Probably why HRT made my boobs explode inside given that they had a headstart, lol

  17. i have a question, and i highly apologize if this is uncomfortable or intrusive, but: did having gynecomastia help relieve any dysphoria you may have had?

  18. I'm intersexed with Hypogonadism. I never felt male or masc. Long story about all that. But year having boobs my whole life made me feel a bit validated. I did get made fun of a lot for having them though.

  19. Visit an Endocrinologist. Get your hormone levels checked. They should be able to go from there

  20. But it’s stupid big. Screen sucks and poor battery life. Seriously I just want to emulate up gc games. Odin won’t. Loki if we ever actually see it will. I have a pc for steam games. I don’t want to play triple A games on the go. I just want nes. Up to gc ps2. That will tide me over til I get back to the pc. Do I wish it wouldn’t cost me 500 bucks. Yep. But that’s where we are at.

  21. It's a cellphone with a kishi attached. Who is calling this a steam deck killer? It's just an android device. Most Android games suck.

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