1. That’s a problem, people experience different symptoms. There’s no specific way it shows. You just need to learn your body. Pay attention to prodrome type symptoms. I get very tiny blisters, sometimes a grouping, sometimes one. Sometimes it’s for a week, other times it’s a few days. Sometimes it hurts, other times it doesn’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. Does it always blister though? Like even if it doesn’t hurt do you have a wound/tear etc that scabs over?

  3. Ugh I get skin tears to . My first OB looking like a tiny tiny little sore now it looks like skin tears I am so confused

  4. CN you explain the skin tearing? Is it painful? Does it bleed? Hurt to the touch etc?

  5. When I feel it coming on so take my antivirals and don’t get any lesions, just nerve pain.

  6. Personally, I would have zero concerns with this situation (and I've gone through basically all the primary literature - have doctorate in sciences so have read the studies thoroughly).

  7. Jacobs about to go from a 5 point game to 2 point game. RIP

  8. I’m rolling Jacobs regardless. He got me to the ship. And god damn it I’ll go down with him.

  9. Yes as he should look at the team records buddy and JA is cooler

  10. If he’s healthy he has a good match up, I know he’s been absent and under performed but desperate times call for desperate measures, could do a lot worse this week.

  11. Yes but how much will he play ? that’s the question

  12. Am I starting Rhamondre over Montgomery or Olave if he plays?

  13. I wouldn’t. Even if he plays he may be limited. If it’s ppr I’m going Olave. Check mine?

  14. I can’t believe I’m seeing people overreact to 1 bad game. We’re in a slump, I get it. However to say this team isn’t a playoff contender is just ridiculous. To everyone who thinks this team won’t be playing in the Super Bowl , all I’m gonna say is don’t come to the parade.

  15. I think we might be overlooking the magnitude of the game tonight for the Seahawks and an injured Purdy heading into one of the more difficult atmospheres to play in AND it being a Primetime game. The 12’s will be on fire and the Seahawks have to win this game to remain in contention for a playoff spot and possibly the division. Purdy has looked solid, but there’s been minimal pressure and he’s played mediocre opponents at home in the last three weeks.

  16. For me it’s either Walker, Dobbins or Pacheco. I’m leaning KW3 but Pacheco has a juicy matchup.

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