1. Actually, he seems to be a well known cardiologist and public figure in the UK, albeit with some questionable views regarding health in general and especially Covid/the vaccine.

  2. Kill it with sun light or bleach...if we can inject sunlight that could be a thing.

  3. I get them all the time. I’ve been to several cardiologists and they all say it’s normal. 🤷‍♂️

  4. My cardiologist said that as long as they don't occur while exercising, there's nothing to worry about.

  5. I remember back in my high school days you would get in trouble if you exited the vehicle outside of the pre-designated “drop-off area” that was at the back of the school behind the gym and the furthest way from anyones classes.

  6. So I'd get in trouble if I walked to school, because the drop off area doesn't start at my front door?

  7. I think it has a lot to do with the alliteration of "lion", "lamb" and "lying". Easier to remember.

  8. This has been happening to athletes more often then usual these past 2 years weird.

  9. No, it didn't. If you look at the incidence, it's in the normal range. There has just been more press coverage, because people are speculating, so the press reports and then everyone is like: "See, even the media says so. It has to be true!"

  10. You can deny its hapo2ening people deny a lot now

  11. Just a quick example: Many of these ominous "death lists" you can find online, refer to the Wikipedia entry

  12. Weren't those guys Blackwater mercenaries?

  13. For me, the three parts always faced downward. I read a lot of MAD magazine back then, and there was a cartoon in it by Al Jaffee called 'Hawks and Doves', which centers around that sign.

  14. Well, he needs the money to pay for the 250 million NYC lawsuit.

  15. "I know more about white supremacists than anyone else, believe me!"

  16. I can't remember the exact wording, but basically it boils down to: "If you're afraid oft the next step, then it's the right step".

  17. The extended hell scenes from "Event Horizon"

  18. If someone says led zeppelin i'm gonna find you and hurt you

  19. I don't linke Zeppelin, because allegedly many of their songs were, let's say "inspired" by other artists (mainly blues). Granted, they put their own fingerprints in them, but still.

  20. Nicolas Cage: "Not the beeees!!! Aaaaah!!!"

  21. For me it would the rockbiter. He's so sad at the end. "They look like big, good, strong hands, don't they?"

  22. Und was sagt die Mama, wenn sie ihren Nazi-affinen Sprössling im Knast besuchen will: "Ich muss mal wieder nach dem Rechten sehen."

  23. Oasis in general are acoustic torture to me

  24. There is no such thing as a 'slipped disc'. Your discs are actually fused to the vertebrae of your spine. They don't 'slip' like the patty of a burger. What happens can be described as leaking of fluid from the disc.

  25. It was a common joke on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

  26. Agree, adrenaline is a pretty awesome drug. So are endorphines and enkephalines. Really powerful opioids. Actually, your body is able to shut down any pain whatsoever and will do so in dangerous situations. The primary concern is surviving, so it doesn't matter if you're missing a limb. That's why most soldiers don't feel pain, even if they suffer brutal injuries.

  27. This really helps me get rid of fear of car accidents etc. Thank you for sharing these facts!

  28. You're welcome. Read "Explain Pain" by Moseley. That gives you a basic overview about the topic.

  29. I found 'The Mandalorian' pretty formulaic, repetitive and boring.

  30. Best video this year definitely was the '2 girls, 1 sprite challenge':

  31. I watch that movie about once a year and even though I know he's alive and well I still can't watch some parts, because I'm afraid of him falling to his death. My stupid brain can't cope with this shit.

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