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  1. That’s literally the point of science, when you discover a better theory it replaces that which it proves to be incorrect, or adds a layer of depth and complexity to existing theories. Of course we have faith in science, it exterminated smallpox and put people on the moon

  2. But then that begs the question should just “trust the science”? If new, proven theories replace old disproven theories, then someone somewhere didn’t trust the science and decided to question it. Otherwise there would be no new theories.

  3. I really hate to reiterate, but again, that’s the point of science. It exists solely to question, every theory that exists was born from skepticism of the current model or belief that it could be made better.

  4. I mostly agree with you. No real need to reiterate. I am simply saying that saying a science is settled and to just trust it is antithetical to process of science itself. Creating new theories, testing those theories or expounding on old theories starts with someone questioning the science itself. As in the case you pointed out - Newton and Einstein. To do science, starts with questioning it’s existence and why / how it exists. Science should never be settled… otherwise, Einstein would’ve never expanded on Newton’s theory. Also, 100% agree it should not be an echo chamber of opinions on social media. But true tests with evidence.

  5. Depends on the state you live / work in. Some are unionized. Some aren’t. A union should cover you for work liability issues. Texas isn’t unionized. We have organizations such as TMPA or CLEAT that you pay a small monthly premium and they cover you for on the job legalities and liabilities.

  6. Ok, but he was the same color as the people who had him killed. The Romans didn’t have it in for him, Pilate found no crime in him and offered to release him. It was his own people that wanted him dead his entire life, from king Herod to the crowd at the Sanhedrin.

  7. It’s hard for them to grasp real truth. You are spot on. They can’t just pick and choose part of the story that fits their narrative.

  8. He said he gave the order to shoot it down as soon as the military deemed it safe to do so. The debris radius was 7 miles so hard to find a good place to shoot it down. I am usually pretty anti-Biden but I think we handled it well. No thanks to Biden because he didn’t really do much at all. It was our military leaders who should get credit.

  9. Yes, that’s what he said. But I submit to you a question: which is more safe for a 7-mile debris radius? Montana, with a population density of 1.12 million and 147k+ square miles of land mass? Or South Carolina, with a population density of 5.191 million and 32k+ square miles of land mass? Considering NORAD spotted this thing the moment it lifted off in China, they could’ve shot it down before it hit the border of Alaska… with even less population density and more land mass.

  10. Way to cause morale issues within the ranks of your own military forces there Mr President. Blame them for your blunder and hesitation. Except… yesterday your government said you would not shoot it down right now but are “keeping all options on the table”… Smh…

  11. This is a hot topic in this subreddit. But I totally agree with OP.

  12. I'm not talking about Kirsten. And I'm not going to play into your whataboutism because you want to deflect away from Clint.

  13. It’s even worse than that OP. She can say she doesn’t like his “gingery features”, but he can’t say he is used to dating more slender women. I think his statement was a at back at her for her statement. I don’t agree with him doing this. But it’s a clear double standard that she goes crazy on him about it… I’m willing to bet she would not be receptive to him goin off on her about her statements.

  14. I agree, did you notice? At the beach when she told him about not being attracted to him. He was talking how good the match was for him and etc, then he made a pause and said “Yeah the same…” Any women would noticed that her comment was hurtful and would have said something about it…

  15. Sad. Cause I kinda liked Gina. Not as much after this episode. I haven’t been a huge fan of Clint either. Still believe he’s about the same. But you’re right for calling balls and strikes… Gina threw some low blows and didn’t like the return.

  16. I’m getting the distinct feeling English isn’t his first language. Oooooooor… he didn’t pass the 5th grade 🤷‍♂️

  17. Oh God, yes. Please do. Then real actors and actresses will fill the void because we all know studios will say they’re behind the strike… but money talks.

  18. From what I read, she had a warrant for possession of meth, had a meth pipe on her lap during the traffic stop, the boyfriend swallowed a "golf ball sized bag" during the arrest, and she was found to be "acutely intoxicated" with methamphetamine during the arrest and just prior to her death. There was also 11 oxycodone in the vehicle as well as ammunition, weights, and a scale (boyfriend was suspected drug dealer, narcotics unit aka jump out boys were involved in this arrest; this is all for reference and to set the stage so to speak). She was handcuffed and standing outside of the vehicle while her boyfriend was fighting cops. The officer who handcuffed her apparently thought she was secure and went to assist the other officers. Her handcuffs were not put on tightly enough (as indicated by the position of a friendship bracelet in the picture of an autopsy report, according to Jennifer Langley, her mother's attorney) and thus she was able to grab a firearm from under or beside (it isn't clear) the passenger seat while they were focused on the boyfriend, and contort herself in a way that gave her the ability to put the weapon inside of her mouth. While many point out the officers negligence in leaving her cuffed and walking away, this information shows it was not an instance of a murder cover-up, it was an instance of someone who "wasn't going back to jail"; the officers failed to realize that she was in this mindset as apparently she didn't resist when arrested, but by simplifying it like was done in the original post, Occam's razor shows that the police murdered her (which clearly isn't the case). I cant find any references to "eyewitnesses" saying that the police shot her. A link to the article with these details:

  19. Guarantee the “witness” is the boyfriend ramping up her family while telling his story of how the police are harassing him (and by proxy, her).

  20. I think Clint may have said that as a dig towards Gina, after she said she didn’t like his “gingery features”.

  21. For that price I expect a little girl to deliver it to the table tap dancing and singing.

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