1. How many times a week i should use a SA cleanser and when?

  2. You can use a salicylic cleanser everyday, twice a day, when you wash your face with it leave it on there for a few minutes wash it off and then moisturize :)

  3. If a chinchilla doesn't eat for even a single day you need to start them on simethicone/infant gas drops. Just because they are pooping does not mean they aren't experiencing bloat.

  4. Infant gas drops?? I didn’t think of that

  5. I recommend 0.3 mL given every 5-6 hours three times a day until you're confident they've completely passed the gas. You can drop to 2x per day once it seems like they're pooping normally again.

  6. It really seems that you're depressed, and I hope that you'll talk with your parents about this. I say that knowing that parents often fail to see depression in their children.

  7. Thank you for the advice I’ll update when I talk to my family

  8. The formula is really thick so it's hard to get a clean line, it feels heavy, and it takes a minute to dry. NYX used to carry a liner that was the best but they discontinued it 🥺 I still haven't found a good replacement

  9. They are bringing that liner back!!

  10. Fuck yeesssss!! I heard rumors but I wasn't sure if it was true!!

  11. Yeah they are supposed to bring it back this year!! I’m so excited lol! You killed this look btw it looks amazing!!

  12. I also have the same issue with eyeliner and I’ve seen that liquid liner helps the best ! I also close my eye when I’m extending the line and it helps a lot!

  13. Do you use a felt tip liner? Or a liquid liner?

  14. I got the Mirena IUD and they told me on all iud it is normal to bleed everyday from 4-5 months

  15. Hey guys, DO NOT BUY from them, they stole my videos (@garcheeks) from Tiktok and are using them as fake ads.

  16. :/ man what’s your tiktok?

  17. We got them yesterday after paying 15 for 3 day shipping lol. They are very badly quality ours broke within 24 hours

  18. Run the numbers and show him the proof. "Dad, this is what a typical stylist earns. Now this is what a tattoo artist makes" - prove to him that this switch will provide you with the means to survive. At the end of the day all most parents care about is that their kid has an income and can live a decent life. Good luck.

  19. We tested it on another battery and it worked? So Idk what’s wrong

  20. No:( I charged it all night last night

  21. Do you have any other family members you could ask? Cousins? aunts, uncles, grandparents?

  22. I have an uncle with a car but he’s really busy but I drive with him when I can! I don’t have a job either I live in a really small town so jobs are hard to find. My parents are divorced so they have 2 cars but don’t let me drive them and they are always busy.

  23. Not sure where you are but when I took my driver's ed courses you could pay for 1 on 1 driving sessions with instructors to count towards the hours. Maybe look into that?

  24. I’m in Ohio! My dad is really lazy and doesn’t give a shit so getting him to do anything to help me is really hard

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