1. This could possibly, perhaps, maybe, be very good, great or not very good, perhaps bad?

  2. Oh! I thought it was gonna be like 100,000 or something

  3. With less than 5% of all tokens free floating I think he more wants to dump on us

  4. Imagine being so brain washed that you think your country, China, is a democracy!

  5. Can also get Perkopolis membership through the Canadian Tire Gold Roadside Assistance plan (which happens to come with the CT WE card).

  6. Ah darn, so no work around, eh? Besides getting the CT card that is

  7. There is a work around if you don't mind spending a few bucks. You can buy one of CT's Auto Safety Kits like this:

  8. Sorry, what is a 'charge back'? As in you ask the credit card company to reverse the charge? If so, will they actually do that, considering you paid for the tickets many months ago, and it wasn't fraudulent?

  9. Was there this October, great town but unfortunately didn't explore outside of the main town.

  10. Both Dems and Repub's agree that Scientology sucks! Ha!

  11. Wow, you were there for a week, eh? That seems like a long time.

  12. This is fascinating. I had no idea that people would be willing to pay so much money for something as simple as water from Splash Mountain. It just goes to show how much people love Disney and its attractions.

  13. 0.4 CPP. If you book any way you don’t have to PS

  14. Ok thanks. So if I had 10,000 td travel points and rht at 0.4 cpp I'd get 40 dollars?

  15. How do these type of trips not get up voted more? Does everyone here really just care about Europe?

  16. Thank you! It was an epic trip, the first one I’d done on my own and properly backpacked staying in hostels. These countries border Europe and Asia. On the edge of the western world and on the other edge exotic Persia. Georgia sees itself as a European country and is still developing its tourism, and I thought it was wonderful, fell head over heels in love with the place. Mount Kazbegi (in one of the later pictures) on the border of Georgia and Russia is the fabled place where the Titan Prometheus was imprisoned for eternity for stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to humanity. Batumi in Georgia is the origin of the Golden Fleece legend. These countries are steeped in religious history, legend, and bear the scars of being invaded on all sides — by the romans, the Russians, the ottomans and the Persians. Glad you like them!

  17. Ok thanks. Do you know of any websites that have a listing of all credit cards with lounge passes?


  19. Did you have any troubles driving in town? Any scams from police or car rental companies?

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