1. Your pictures are terrible, to be honest. You’re wearing sunglasses or looking away from the camera in all of them. And in the one we can see you, you’re making a goofy face. I have no idea what you look like.

  2. I had a co-worker at MacDill AFB (southern tip of Tampa) who commuted EVERY DAY from Gainesville (his wife was a professor at UF) for 10+ years. He had to fight Tampa traffic and the congestion described above EVRY DAY. Can you imagine? We did the math when he left and he had commuted enough miles to go to the moon and back twice. He burned through at least two cars.

  3. How long did he work there for and why would he do that to himself…

  4. Yes, it’s a red flag and selfish. I do consider it lying. Anyone who hides the fact that they have kids is shady as hell. A guy did the same thing to me, he didn’t tell me until after the first date that he had a kid and his excuse was, “Well, you wouldn’t have wanted to date me if I told you I had a kid.” Well yeah, duh! I don’t like kids. That date was a waste of my time and could have been avoided if he would’ve been honest.

  5. Was it Colleen then? I know it was someone Cole was talking to bc he’s the one who was weirded out by it

  6. No, it was some other girl named Jess who didn't make it out of the pods.

  7. Get a new hair cut/style your hair. That haircut doesn’t look good on anyone. And also get a new wardrobe and work on your posture. You don’t look a day older than 18.

  8. Lovely profile but bad photos. Most of these are unflattering or can barely see you. Change them to some smiling photos with teeth

  9. And by barely, you mean cannot see her at all. Her face is turned away or covered in all of the pictures except the first one.

  10. I feel like Season 3 had wayyy more drama during the episodes. What drama happened in Season 2 besides the love triangle between Shaina and Shayne?

  11. Yeah, you can skip season 2, it’s boring as hell and the casting was terrible. There was no chemistry between any of the couples and barely any drama. I don’t even remember any of the people who got married. I haven’t seen Season 1 but Season 3 is a million times better than Season 2.

  12. I am surprised you had no accidents, you must have a light flow.

  13. She's prob just going to use him for his wallet. He's going to pay a lot before she "forgives" him. I'm not mad at Raven at all

  14. I think she’s already forgiven him. I don’t think she cares he cheated on her, she just pretends she does so people don’t find out she’s a gold digger. She never liked him, it was obvious on the show too…she just likes his money.

  15. Really disappointed with how fake this season was. I mean all of them seem fake but shit.

  16. People don’t want to watch ugly people fall in love. It’s not entertaining, plus a lot of people watch dating shows for eye candy.

  17. I actually felt sorry for OP until I saw the responses he gave to others on this forum

  18. I don’t even think his story is real. If you go to OP’s profile, it says the account is used by hundreds of users as a burner account.

  19. This is why I never use or any third party website, they will screw you over. Always book directly with the hotel.

  20. I honestly don’t wanna talk about Zanab, I just wanted to show that there are valid reasons why many people do not like getting their hair wet. So, I’m only going to answer 4. and say that having naturally straight hair does not always mean that it’s easy to maintain.

  21. You don’t want people to talk about Zanab? You know you’re on the Love is Blind subreddit right? If you just wanted to talk about not wanting to get your hair wet in general, there’s a separate subreddit for that.

  22. Please no. I don’t want to watch a bunch of christian conservatives.

  23. Isn't that what we just did?

  24. The reunion wasn't as bad as the altar lol. She practiced a humiliating speech to embarrass someone in front of both their friends and family, instead of telling him to his face all the things she felt he did wrong.

  25. Yes, it was. His family was not even at the wedding, only his friends. In her speech, she was telling him how shitty and insecure he made her feel. He already knew that he made her feel insecure with the whole Colleen thing. At the reunion, she told everyone that he gave her an eating disorder and was controlling what she ate, and that he cheated on her, those are pretty strong accusations, how is that not worse? Plus, everyone not just Zanab was ganging up on him.

  26. That is true that if you say anything even remotely positive about Zanab, you will be downvoted to hell but when did he say he didn't like her because she wasn't as a white as his other girlfriend? He didn't ever say that. Also, he didn't ignore her when she said she only had a banana and peanut butter, he asked WHY...but then with her also piss poor communication skills, she says "I could definitely tell you but I probably shouldn't." Like, now he's supposed to just guess? They both suck at communication, but besides communication, they were never going to work. They are total opposites. Cole acted like a 10 year old child and Zanab acted like his mother. I still don't know what Cole is talking about when he said they had an emotional connection, the only connection they had was that they both love god.

  27. Are we forgetting that he literally said on camera, “I’m trying to physically fall in love with Zanab but it’s tough,” so he didn’t even find her attractive at all. The thing that was even more cringe to me was after he said he finds Colleen the most attractive, he said “I don’t like you when you’re mad” like it’s her own fault for being mad after he just told her he finds other people more attractive like what. You think she is supposed to be happy after that? I don’t think so.

  28. I pointed this out because she was the only one whose “self-esteem was shattered” and honestly by her own doing. And saying it was because of another person.

  29. I don’t think Nancy has any self worth if she was going to marry a guy that not only doesn’t like her looks but doesn’t even like her. Just made her look real desperate.

  30. Isn’t it obvious that the 2 roommates that lived are involved? If your roommates are being stabbed to death, I am sure they would be screaming and yelling for help, they would’ve heard that. If not that, then when they woke up, they would’ve seen their roommates dead and would’ve called 911. The 911 call wasn’t made by either of the two roommates and it wasn’t made until noon.

  31. Maybe they were just drunk or sleeping with earbuds. They slept and woke up at noon, found the bodies and made the call. I don't think anything suspicious is indicated.

  32. They didn’t make the 911 call, someone else did. How is that not suspicious?

  33. I mean not really. The last episodes came out only 8 days ago.

  34. Do they just delete the livestreams afterwards? I cannot find the one Colleen or Alexa was in. Does anyone have a link? I want to watch.

  35. That sucks. What is even the point? Is there a schedule of when the livestreams are going to be for each castmember?

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