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  1. Ah yes. Habing a rape fetish/fantasies= wanting to be actually, literally raped

  2. I've never seen her name spelled that way. Usually Jocasta isn't it?

  3. But then they’d have to write gay characters and that’s just opening a whole other can of worms


  5. Idk what all there problems are tbh. If you write in generic masculinum amd then swap out pronouns and you STILL have a man I feel you were going out of your way to either write a big strong manly man OR you recognise too many things as gendered stereotypes

  6. On one hand I hate Terf Island and everyone on it but on the other hand it is natural imperative to bully americans who think their country has positive attributes

  7. It's a pretty damn powerful show, but it had its issues. Season four was a shitshow for the whole thing with Gimmer. I couldn't like her after that.

  8. If I had a Nickle for every SDP post I've seen on reddit, I'd only have two nickles. It isn't much, but it's odd that it happened twice within the last two months.

  9. I remember these toys coming out. Bionicles were the hot shit back in those days.

  10. Really? I can't recall accurately if the lore and storytelling for the early bionicles was actually good, or if I was just a child. I thought the themes of mutation/transformation were wild as a kid. Particularly in the Web of Shadows stuff.

  11. The whole point is the old saying that a sane man amongst lunatics would be considered insane. Max retains most of his empathy and feelings in a world where such things are considered weaknesses. Therefore, people think he's mad.

  12. It's a good idea but I can assure you, Miller did not think of this for one second

  13. No homestly you just shouldn't use tinder. The deck is heavily stacked against you.

  14. Hmmm, who might be better; an imperial, so honorable he was allowed into sovngardey or fantasy Hitler

  15. This build can't be viable with just Charisma and Luck. You need SOME combat-related perks to make this build playable. Personally, I'd go with:

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