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  1. DTPB says:

    I was recently looking at the Phillips Hue ones and they're damn expensive. I'm suspicious for only $60. You like them though?

  2. Yep they are legit! I have the ceiling bulbs too and they work with Alexa and all that as well.

  3. DTPB says:

    Went ahead and got some. I think I'll eventually get the Hue since the rest of the place is set up that way. But this'll work great until I feel like spending the money. Thank you!

  4. I used to absolutely love Johnny Harris' series on Vox where he'd go around visiting interesting country borders, then subbed to his solo channel after COVID fucked that up, but I've found that his videos are just too much for me lately. Overly verbose, performatively angry and very preachy.

  5. the real MVP. downloadable rip. these streaming kids never venture beyond wifi or cell service range

  6. You know you can save your songs offline with most streaming services right? Lmao

  7. But it is t just this generation, the sort of snide remarks about people from other races and people groups I hear from other black people (I’m aboriginal) is just pure unadulterated hatred. I can’t stand being around my friends and family when they talk like this.

  8. The problem with this generation is that they wrap it in this blanket of moral superiority and social activism. They’re playing mental Olympics with themselves and convincing themselves that this is the morally right thing to do.

  9. Lol this is the kind of shit that reinforces to me that Kanye was clearly in the midst of a manic episode

  10. More like welcome to America's Third world macaroni.

  11. You choose to be a snob about mac and cheese and yet you choose velveeta?? Bruh what

  12. The sign specifies that specific items on the menu are not halal. Surely you can see that there is other writing on the paper right?

  13. I can't imagine what those sunflowers did in a previous life for it to end like that.

  14. It sounds like she’s in the midst of a mental breakdown questioning her entire life lol.

  15. so how do you get a thin sirloin to be perfectly medium?

  16. These kinds of videos are such a waste of food it’s horrible.

  17. You’re allowed to be the main character on your 21st birthday..

  18. a half-empty bottle of water. It vibrates which feels good but also for some reason is awesome to dance with haha

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