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  1. The police are on their way I don't ever want to pronounce it like that again

  2. Of course there are monsters that just look cool and fan favorites, but if I'm thinking about game design, my answer would be Qurupeco.

  3. Shara Ishvalda’s weapons are beautifully named:

  4. Depends on what kind of soup you're going for. I bet lifesteal is really sweet

  5. Another serious design concern with 'defensive' keywords is that they can make the game less fun. There's a couple of issues that blocking keywords can create:

  6. Never thought about the issue of neither player attacking due to a strong defending keyword. Definitely sounds.. less fun haha. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm realizing how often I have not attacked versing a Braum or Soraka deck knowing they were benefited from being defensive. Not very fun. I can only imagine how it would be if there was a keyword attached to that yikes.

  7. I already spent too much time and energy in this sub trying to explain this. Elusives are meant to be NOT BLOCKED, it's what makes elusive elusive. The solution would be to print more... removals/ spells, but there's plenty already so it's not even a problem.

  8. I had problems with the game freezing as well. Try updating your BIOS. That fixed my problems.

  9. Verifying the game files worked thank you! Didn't know this was an option

  10. Tolkien can just with a few words really hint at "if Gandalf gets angry all sorts of really bad shit will happen."

  11. I will say, Tolkiens writing is surprisingly poetic. I'm unfamiliar with his style yet its still so easy to understand wowow

  12. I loved the books. The parts I prefer are when a character sits down and story-tells some events to another character.

  13. There's only so much movies can do for a character. Can't beat the books!

  14. What was a stunt you wish you guys could've done but for some reason, couldn't? Why couldn't you?

  15. i hate playing with poros tbh. which is funny because thats all i play this past week

  16. Iceborn poros. A few days ago I droppes to plat 4 from plat 1 so i was at the bottom as morality and i just said myself fuck it and started playing iceborn poros... I had a win streak up to plat 3 but the deck just couldnt sell itself to me and i just stop playing with it. Currently im playing FTR Control(such a fun deck man) and im back to plat 1 again. Im happy

  17. love to see this but does anyone else think "spice wars" sounds kinda funny? makes me think its a cooking competition show lol

  18. It’s really fun! Some parts are scarier than others, but it depends on the person. I think they did a great job for a first year event and can see it becoming amazing in the upcoming years.

  19. That's good to hear. Unfortunately I'll probably have to go on a Saturday bc of my schedule so I'll just have to endure the busyness lol

  20. Ah ya, Saturday’s are def crazy lol. A little tip: Do the mazes in order of Deathwater Bayou, Simons Slaughterhause, then Nightmare Experiment. People usually go in order from front of park to back, so if you go the way I suggested, you can mitigate soommeee of the long lines! Or the lines get pretty short towards the end of the night.

  21. Yes my favorite Halloween past time, analyzing efficiency haha appreciate the tip!

  22. Nah they'll just drop the consult after a few days. I missed/refused so many damn appointments. No one cares unless it's a comp & pen

  23. ah yeaaa i read about the comp&pen. good to know that i was just being dramatic thinking they were going to take away my benefits lol

  24. Compensation and pension. Like if you have some military-caused disability then you can be financially compensated the governments way of saying "oops sorry about your permanently damaged joints, have some money"

  25. Originally the deferred Social security taxes that you didn’t pay from September to December of 2020 were going to be paid back from Jan to April of 2021. Instead for some reason the government broke up the deferred payments into 12 months instead of 4. So you still owe the government 7 months of deferred SSI payments. You should have seen the debt and the payments on your LES’s starting with the full January one you received February 1st.

  26. I see. It looks as though I just owe money lol I just wanted to make sure that it was legit beforehand since all this information was new to me thank you.

  27. It's possible it is the social security deferral. Do you remember your paycheck being more? For a time they stopped withholding social security from most government employees, so paychecks were larger. You can check your pay stubs for that time.

  28. Hmm don't remember my paychecks being more especially since it was a while ago. I do happen to have my past tax information would there be any signs there? It looks so far that I just owe money lol. I just wanted to make sure it was legit.

  29. If you want to pay the ticket and take traffic school to avoid the point on your license, the instructions for all of that are

  30. So I read it and just for my own clarification, I have to pay for the ticket first, then request for traffic school after? (A friend of mine has done traffic school and told me basically the opposite so I'm just trying to make sure I know what to expect once everything gets started).

  31. I'll second the recommendation of Golden's GAC 100 medium. It's a great adhesive for these sorts of things.

  32. Okiedokie! As for the elmers glue, is there a certain type that is better for canvas than others? Doing research I see theres a surprising amount of variance but I think the different colored ones are just so children will think its pretty? Am I right to assume they're all pretty much the same?

  33. There are more archival PVA glue than regular old Elmer's but just the normal, white school glue should do fine. Skip anything that's a gel, glue stick, washable.

  34. The most common thing would be tire balance. While it was up in the air for that it wouldn't be a bad idea to ask them to check the front end as well.

  35. Tire balance as in my car is uneven? Not sure if this means maybe one tire has more air than the other or something to do with the axles?

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