1. So sorry about your diagnosis): did they prescribe anything yet?

  2. I also believe the vaccine gave me mine so I refuse to get the boosters.

  3. Caffeine causes transient insulin resistance, and imagine we drink it on a daily basis, and multiple cups per day? I'd say it could be considered chronic insulin resistance. There was a study noting that we unfortunately don't develop tolerance to caffeine's effect of insulin resistance.

  4. So we basically get no joy in eating foods or drink while trying to heal this

  5. He’s low maintenance and most likely worships her. He’s also most likely simple, loving, caring, and always puts her first and gives her the world. She looks like she loves him. Also she’s thin too they look about the same like they look good together like a cute old couple in love :)

  6. ty for sharing! can you share what tests you had to get this diagnosis?

  7. Ofcourse! I wanna help as many people as possible. So you wana ask for an h pylori breath test or stool test. Two weeks of antibiotics clears it and taking L reuteri probiotics helps it greatly as 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut. Also test for insulin auto antibodies!

  8. I do! Ask your Dr to test for h pylori and auto immune type b insulin resistance. They test certain auto antibodies that attack your insulin receptr

  9. Hey there. I have been on Methotrexate for 4 months now. I started on 10mg, had a little bit of nausea on Monday night, and a bit fatigued on Tuesday. Has been increased to 30mg a week, now get lovely hair falling out (fill the drain every time I wash my hair and fill my hair brush) plus the nausea and fatigue has increased to wiping me out for a full day on Tuesday (has been named my death day). I am also on prednisalone 10mg daily. Overall it has helped all my numbers and I am feeling less swollen and sore in my joints. But it hasn't really helped other symptoms, so my next rheum appointment I'll be asking to try something else I think, because the sideaffects are far outweighing the benefits imo.

  10. I apologize! It’s horrible, no one should have to sacrifice that! try asking about imuran, it seems to have a better reputation! I’m also in plaquenil I refused prednisone. I also found that changing my diet has also somewhat helped. We’re in this together ❤️

  11. I was super concerned about hair loss when starting imuran bc I am getting married in 6 months, however, I am 3 weeks in and only had nausea the first few days and increased fatigue. not noticing any hair thinning, no GI issues beyond minor constipation, etc. overall i’m feeling pretty good, can’t tell if it’s helping bc i’m tapering prednisone and only 3 weeks in but I am not feeling any worse.

  12. That’s good to hear!! Yea it made me literally not want to take anything I just couldn’t do it. I hear cellcept causes more side effects than imuran. Do you know if there’s a coated version of imuran? It may help with nausea

  13. Oh yes. 😁 Social Work is a large field and there are a lot of different areas of work; I didn't realize how many WFH options were out there until I really began looking.

  14. Do you mind sharing alittle about what it is you do? Like Your field? I actually was looking at taking a masters in social work before my diagnosis! If I had teacher burnout. I always thought that business or government Jobs were the best remote jobs but I’m not too fond of either lol

  15. I apologize for the late response. If you are comfortable sending me a DM I'm happy to chat more about the field in general.

  16. Usually no they know people who help them get the job when they apply and work their way up and get raises each year

  17. Get her to start drinking water. At least, eight glasses per day, to start. Since Mom, won’t go to the doctor, get her a telehealth visit. They will send a nurse to take her blood and urine. Eventually she must leave home. These steps may help her face some hard facts that are coming up. Have her bathe or shower in advance. Stay in the room with her. Fill in any place, where your mom seems to be lying or slow to respond. You know a lot you are her care person.

  18. You’re such a sweet nice woman. Thank you for reaching out I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten the chance to reply to you. I’m definitely making the telehealth appointment and hopefully they send a nurse to collect her blood and urine. I genuinely from the bottom of my heart thank you for writing such a thorough, well intentioned, thoughtful reply. I will keep you updated 🙏

  19. do you not have insurance? grab her insurance card and make a copy. DRIVE her to the dr.

  20. We’ve tried driving her my aunt has and she had a nervous breakdown in the car and was shaking and wouldn’t get out of the car. So I think maybe calling a doctor to the house would be best. I don’t have a license

  21. People from NJ Also say out of pocket

  22. I don’t get it. I live in North Philly and I consider it the ghetto too. Maybe it’s because the guy is white and is “making fun” of a community where most people are immigrants or African American. Maybe that’s why people find it offensive. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. White people can’t be immigrants??? Irish Italian German polish they’re immigrants that moved to Philadelphia many many years ago. It’s not a racial thing although everyone loves to make race the biggest problem in this country when it’s actually class

  24. You look so beautiful ❤️ I’m thinking of going to this Dr! if you don’t mind I. Ask, did you also get a septorhinoplasty? I have a crooked nose 😔 I’m wondering if it’ll cost more?

  25. Applied Psychology/Organizational Management….career wise I’m in Human Resources/Recruiting

  26. Migrants come here to work the jobs others don’t want to work. And guess what? Some of your favorite food joints/businesses are employed with undocumented migrants.

  27. Anyone in poverty will take a job stop saying jobs peopel don’t want

  28. Unfortunately we got dealt a bad hand of cards. I try to keep in perspective that it’s not the Dr’s fault, hospitals fault, or pharma’s fault. All of these can make our lives better if used properly. It can be very expensive to care for a diabetic with todays technology and premium insulins. We all need to keep in mind that in capitalism generally profits of companies get reinvested and fund future development of new products that give us longer more enjoyable lives even with our illness.

  29. It didn’t work for me because I needed much stronger medication for my IR. I’m almost up to 2,000mg Metformin and I still have to go up more.

  30. Can you be prescribed more than 2000mg a day of metformin? I’m at 2000 and it also doesn’t help

  31. This is where I have landed too. Some days I eat 5-10g of carbs, some I eat 80. Still pretty low in the grand scheme of things and helps me a lot

  32. How are you guys doing this? Isn’t doing keto bad because your body will produce Ketones and you’ll be hospitalized?? I wanna do Dr bernsteins 30g carb a day plan because I have pcos but I’m so scared ugh I hate this

  33. My hair is coming back now thanks to Yasmin BC.

  34. Doesn’t yasmin make the insulin resistance worse?

  35. She is a beauty ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  36. I’ve tried everything and to no avail I still have it and pcos. Im skinny 5’7 138lbs. I tried 30g carb a day walking and still have acanthosis nigricans. I have mctd and cannot weight train because my muscles literallly are inflamed from this auto immune disease. I know there’s auto immune IR which I just learned about and I’m thinking I may have it. You need IVIG therapy for it.

  37. Oh wow. Do you use a pump or injections if you don’t mind I ask?

  38. LOL no, it's immunosuppressants / modulators or bust for me.

  39. What’s the difference between an immunosuppressant and modulator if you don’t mind me asking?

  40. I had this exact same thing happen. I have pcos so I’m naturally extremely insulin resistant but have always been very active and was at a breaking point with my insulin basically not working. I went on a low fat plant based diet (high carb, lots of fruit) and when I stick to it I increased my insulin sensitivity that I require half as much as before. If I falter on the diet though (eat meat, cheese, nuts etc) my insulin resistance creeps back up again. It becomes a vicious cycle though of eating low carb (aka high fat) and bad blood sugar control and then not wanting to eat a high carb snack or meal and cause a bad spike but it’ll take 2-3 days of eating low fat to see changes in insulin sensitivity (relatively quick change)

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