what should men be allowed to do without being judged?

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  1. It's not. Spironolactone is aldosterone antagonist that act mainly on collecting tubules. Na/cl inhibitors are thiazide diuretics

  2. Build your confidence before asking her out. If she rejects you and you lack confidence, you might get in a bad place

  3. Being homebound is the time when she really wanna go out. Just carry her in your arms and drive her to place she likes(park or something) get food via drive-thru and go for stargazing. It's upto your imagination. All you gotta do is sweep that girl off her feet.

  4. Check for the tallest qrs complexes in the leads. And remember that line diagram for axis. If lead I and aVL has taller qrs, it's left axis deviation

  5. Remember in steps. First learn the type of receptors and their mode of action fron Pharma ANS and remember the mnemonics like q(utie) have 1 m and m. This will help you what receptors are Gq/Gs/Gi and your half of the work is done. Now just remember the extra phosphodiesterase and no pathways and it's done

  6. Because Go Cyborg is there and there isn't another character to make fun of his variant

  7. ab00 says:

    Reusable enema kit

  8. Most of the diseases are AR. don't remember them. Just remember the ones which are XR, XD OR AD. I hope it helps.

  9. Happy cake day! Yes that's important, any bad experience that led you saying that?

  10. You won't like this; But stop thinking of yourself as a fking victim and call a friend and talk. Do something.

  11. Not thinking myself as a victim, just looking for ideas for what can be done

  12. How to use sketchy in the most effective way? I don't remember that sketch at all i guess!

  13. Honestly I did it once and then I just reviewed using the symbol explorer and I'm very confident with my pharm knowledge

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