This note left on my car

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

I'm catching the vibration

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Hope to make it to the other side.

to be a dj

Can't stop seeing stars

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. Just letting y’all know, they know they’re lying. They absolutely are racist but this is just manipulation of information to control their brain dead base. I wonder when we stop taking this bullshit they’re throwing at us

  2. Y’all ever see those junk ads for scam mobile zombie games like “age of origins” ?

  3. Yep. Not an issue with those “long” toilets but the small ones always try to give my tip the crusty porcelain kiss

  4. Comparing apples to cantaloupes here. Racism has always been wrong. But single *parenthood? What’s wrong with that? We don’t know the circumstances that an individual may be in that lead them to be a single parent. But the idea of being a single parent isn’t inherently malicious. It just…is.

  5. Not going to say the Audi is parked wrong just that parking like this is how you end up with dents in your door, even when the other person is being careful.

  6. But when this person is 300 pounds, it doesn’t matter how careful they park. There won’t be enough room anyways to carefully get into their car

  7. I wouldn’t say moral high ground. He thinks he has 200 more IQ above all the “plebeians” he speaks with. He’s a fking psycho and his disgusting mind is trying to worm its way into finding any real reason why paedophilia might be acceptable. There are exactly zero reasons, but he keeps searching.

  8. If it’s one thing republican media does best, it’s outrage politics

  9. These people are so embarrassing and they don’t even realize

  10. You can go into the mod folder contained in the workshop folder in the steam folder. I think the navigation is /common/workshop. From there, you’ll need to find the workshop folder for stellaris. All games are numbered so it’ll be a bit annoying to find. I believe it starts with 281. Once you find it, you’ll see that all mod folders are also numbered. You’ll need to sift through those to find the folder that contains the mod.

  11. I wear no show socks sometimes to get some air on my ankles

  12. That person wasn’t attempting to “fight flying objects.”

  13. That's the only power they have is the ability to trample over kids and old ladies. When the Queen died they should have done away with that royal bullshit. It's stupid and outdated. Nobody takes them serious anymore.

  14. But what if someone tried to siege the castle??? Wont anyone think of the monarchy? /s

  15. I’m sure this is a shitpost. A dangerous one

  16. Not enough protein. Bugs have more protein content than meat and they’re incredibly easy to raise. But the only thing is the ick factor people have about eating bugs.

  17. Tf u mean mysterious? I’m not surprised with all the garbage we’re throwing in the sea every minute of every day

  18. …No planning at all…No common sense…learning experience at the very least

  19. I know this is about women's rights. But this is also about late stage capitalism and how the cost of living in developed nations like South Korea, Japan, and America is getting so out of hand that having kids doesn't even make sense anymore.

  20. Living? Affordable???? laughs in capitalism

  21. You could also just order by size if he didnt make the effort to put stuff in every folder.

  22. If this world has shown me anything, you can fake it till u make it

  23. Lmao the comedic timing on that one dude who just walks out the van like nothing happened

  24. Why do people do this? I don't understand.

  25. They see a “funny” tiktok trend or on whatever social media is trending on, and they try to recreate it themselves to get attention on the internet.

  26. Self defense is a thing. Doesn’t matter the gender of the other person. What matters is that they’re being physically abusive and they should be stopped

  27. I'd personally quite like for more species within each category, even if such were a DLC.

  28. We need more machines. Theres only like 8 of them

  29. You do know the danger is the fumes catching on fire, right? Not the liquid? Goodness gracious.

  30. You act like this is common knowledge. I’m deep in these comments and people still can’t give a more detailed explanation than “it’s dangerous!” Not one. And how are fumes supposed to catch on fire from a working engine? The static from my ass probably has a higher chance of catching a spark over the fumes coming from the pump

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