1. I got a pair of the Black Diamond Stormline rain pants.ButI didn't like how the snap closures (at the very top of the zippers) were located on my hips - with backpack hip belt it seemed like it would dig-in to my hip bones, especially since the snap closure has a rather sharp end that protrudes past the inner fabric (and ends right up against my hips). .So, I returned the BD's, and I got another pair of the Marmot Precip full zip rain pants!

  2. Thanks I’m currently looking for a pair of rain pants and was wondering!

  3. its actually used in Islam, Muslims pray on them if you ever go to your local mosque or masjid you'll probably see them. the building that you see near the arch on the mat is the Ka’bah and we face there when praying to Allah and yea this one is kind of small

  4. I was wondering about the imagery on the mat.. now I know!! Thank you!

  5. That dog needs grooming. I know everyone else is commenting the same thing but please get a that poor pup taken care of.

  6. Is this one of the buildings being built from the top down?

  7. I thought I was the only one who carried a mighty bean

  8. Idk if this helps anyone but I just bought new Apple Pencil tips and it has changed my life

  9. Cotton kills, literally. Wool saves lives

  10. Cotton absorbs water and wool doesn’t. If you get wet out in the cold in cotton you turn into an ice cube. If you get wet in wool you got a better chance of not freezing.

  11. What is the thing holding your keys together called? Love how minimal it is

  12. It’s called the Keysmart Mini. I swapped it from the Compact for weight and size savings.

  13. Thanks for the fast reply! I have an orbit key but think this might be a good choice for my wife!

  14. I appreciate the response. I’ve heard good things about the nano puff and will look into it

  15. I wear my nano puff all the time. Took it out in -35° yesterday and was fine

  16. Damn I thought this was a black coffee tumbler with a stainless steel lid 😂

  17. I’d rather use these than keep fucking my throat and lungs up, I was wheezing pretty badly every night and couldn’t go an hour without a smoke. I am really enjoying the xtreme lime paradise, the killa is garbage but hey I have to try something before I knock it 😂 thanks for the heads up tho, I’m planning on weening myself to Lower nicotine content to absolutely nothing

  18. Yeah I had a hell of a time getting off pouches. Haven’t had one in weeks but still crave them non stop.. :( also you only ingest maybe 1-2mg of nic per cig if that. So the cravings for pouches are way more intense even after weening off

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