1. Running a deal where if you buy and optic, you get the plate free. Below is the DOGTAG optic plate and the optics are on the website as well. No code necessary, it’s all automatic.

  2. Does your RMR plate fit the RMRcc or just the RMR? I feel like it’s the latter, but wanted to confirm.

  3. Just the RMR no RMRcc yet. It’s all based off demand and you’re the first to ask for one.

  4. I assume there’s no value in putting together a plate for one person? I feel like the RMRcc would be the perfect size for the Delta, but I guess most people would rather go Holosun for this platform.

  5. It’s just so expensive to make one plate, it’s not worth it unfortunately.

  6. Yes it will. Below is a link that shows an EPS Carry with this plate on a G19 MOS and its a great combo.


  8. Don’t have exact thickness on me as I’m out for thanksgiving. Full recoil lugs. Will co witness with OEM BUIS, with just a slight interference.

  9. One on the arex and the Canik sc both awesome!!!I actually need a 1.0 507c plate 🤔

  10. Well 💩 we’re only doing for the 2.0. But very honored that we’re not on one, but 2 of your guns!! Thank you for the support.

  11. Trying to get some analytics from Walther to see if it’s worth it for us to make.

  12. Customer sent me this and I asked what BUIS sights they we’re running and said the FN 509 sights work. I’m sure this has been put on this thread a few times, but I wasn’t aware. Just sharing the information.

  13. I ordered some and once I get them I will throw some pictures up and a YouTube video.

  14. I decided to give Swampfox a shot. Been out three times and no issues...easy to zero, and I like the look better than almost all other MDS on the market (aesthetic appeal is like +2 rounds right!?). Plus the company has a very BRCC vibe...which I appreciate

  15. The Swampfox Sentinel is a great choice. I run one on Canik TP9 Elite SC and have zero complaints.

  16. Holosun 507k best fit for the 43x/48 MOS. Grab an optic and get the adapter plate free, it’s going on all November.

  17. Mines only stock because I haven’t brought myself to buy the light lmao

  18. If you want to run the 407k/507k route, let us know we have aluminum adapters that work for it vs the modified polymer.

  19. Will your plate come with screws that will sit flush? As I modified the factory plate the screws don't sit tight enough for me.

  20. If you’re asking if the screws sit flush in the countersunk pocket on the optic, no. They fit there just fine but stick up a little. Not enough to notice while shooting. Our screws however are 14mm long to provide the maximum thread engagement and are grade 12.9. It also includes a Torx bit and a 1.8 ML tube of thread locker.

  21. Such an awesome optic and magnifier. I shot my ruger with some basic irons for abit. Not I just gotta get the dot zeroed in. Might add a 407k to the canik down the road and I'll be happy with my setup. Until I pick up the tp9 elite SC for my edc gun.

  22. Dam you guys are awesome definitely be doing business with you in the near future. Thise optic plates are so beefy 😍🥵

  23. It’s a built in deflection table to tangentially deflect gases, oils, and debris away from the frontal lens keeping the optic cleaner and clearer longer. This deflection table also acts as an impingement point to action the slide during single hand operation versus the optic itself preventing damage to the optic.

  24. That is sweet. Need to get this done to mine

  25. If you’re on instagram, look him up! @howling_lead_firearms if not I’ll see if I can get his information.

  26. Ok, came on here to see if people had any thoughts on the gray PFP. Didn't even have to search and this was top post. That's a sign.

  27. 100 percent a sign! Ha ha We got you covered for optic and optic plate when you’re ready!

  28. If you head to the link below and select the RMR model it will work. It has a lower deck height to accommodate the SRO and will stick past the optic to protect it.

  29. Buy an optic on our website and the plate is free with a purchase. Sale ends today then goes back to our buy an optic get a plate 1/2 off.

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