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  1. I Shared the documentry with. 5 ppl in hope of Converting them to anti Modi fuckers became pro Modi within minutes of watching the docu

  2. Talks about scientific reason, proceeds to mention pOsiTiVe EnErGy. Just stop chaddis. Just stop it...

  3. Agreed. They are irrelevant in irl but these mfs control mass media and universities

  4. what mass media are you watching? hmmmmmm... India TV? Republic? Zee News? ABP? News TV 18? Aaj Tak? Sudarshan TV? Naah man, I am pretty much sure they are called godi media for a reason. At least be updated with what is happening around you and don't just watch Cheetahs, maybe...

  5. Depends on what you want. I've completed my degree from one of the branches you're considering. There are ample of cocurriculars but you might have to to-fro at times between the campuses for those activities. Idk any other college in Kolkata that can provide a better social life than JU provided you engage yourself. Placements wise IT/CS/ETCE are top notch. Also, research is good. I remember i was in the same position 4yrs back thinking JU or BIT Mesra or IIITs (A, H).

  6. Par bijli/paani maaf toh achhi cheez hai na 😭😭😭

  7. my family altogether pay taxes of 12 lacs per annum so that they can enjoy. I feel so happy

  8. 12L to state govt??? 😡😡😡 That is a lot. Lots of properties

  9. income tax. I pay 30% I work 4 months for government and rest for myself.

  10. Lol. Income tax wise I come in 30% bracket too but at this point I've no hope. The entire country is brainwashed by pathetic media. There's no accountability left. And all corruption caught are of Centre's opposition just as a political vendetta. And this 22 days is nothing compared to how GoI spent 3339 crores in advertisement in 5yrs xD. So yeah just vote banks stuff.

  11. How low IQ you have to have to believe that Forrest gump (or remake) is insulting the army.

  12. 600k. Below that you're worth nothing. Go do more LC. Grind and hustle πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠβœŠβœŠπŸ€˜πŸ€˜

  13. #BoycottEveryone bc pehle movie toh puri dekhle. Shayad samajh aajaye, however, I don't expect much

  14. **** My FIRST attempt and probably last

  15. Global AI AR/VR socialist blockchain deep neural net state. What part of it did you not understand? /s

  16. That's alright but can you invert this binary tree? No? Hard pass, man

  17. UP means business 😌😌. Can see more investments happening in this environment. Totally.

  18. We need better universities man. Like they should start some IITization of university too. For all the subjects or certain major subjects. The quality is so bad.

  19. They wanted to make Faculty of Engineering, Jadavpur University an IIT in 2005. Was heavily opposed because of center intervention and less autonomy.

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