This is Flowers (named by our 6 year old). We captured and later adopted him almost a year ago. His age is unknown, but he's been in a stray in our neighbourhood for at least a decade. Despite that scowl, we think he's happy now.

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  1. You looking finer than an Arabian tapestry.

  2. Kind of hard to laugh at that. Hurts lol.

  3. https://www.tdpri.com/threads/help-bridge-pickup-suddenly-1-4-the-volume-of-neck-pup.402215/

  4. The volume significantly reduced when I switched to only bridge pickup, even when splitted or humbucker. The humbucker can be splitted into single coils.

  5. My favorite coach attempted to sell supplements, which felt very pyramidy. Got super into selling seminars for things — including for a stick fighter who billed himself as a grandmaster of stick fighting (which was really kind of… ???). Offering various life coaching in conjunction with a student (who does not have their life together and is not a therapist). Also tried offering other types of classes (boxing & kick boxing), but didn’t take them seriously enough / long enough to grow them.

  6. Okay got you. That's interesting thanks for the explanation.

  7. Really wonderful human being — and he had a solid mma career and now still competes in BJJ.

  8. Yeah I understand. running a business is totally different thing. I know someone like that too. he's awesome but yeah.. its a totally different thing running the business.

  9. Mason isn't a small guy either...I would not want to be under that man.

  10. I don’t order from them too often since I’m in Canada and shipping + taxes and duties are always ridiculous from the states, but when I do I always have a great experience. Even when I have on job questions about something, I can always reach out to one of the reps and they’re always happy to help. A lot of the other suppliers I use are miserable, and don’t care to answer questions or help me out... won’t mention names. Never had any negative experiences with wcr, I can understand why they’re 5 star all around.

  11. Yeah. Curious where you order from now? I've been going to beautiful view and it's been pretty good. The duties and taxes shipping from WCR was brutal for me too lol

  12. I only use beautiful view and washco, and wcr when those two don’t have what I’m looking for. I’ve tried pretty well all the window cleaning suppliers in Canada and the rest either are janitorial suppliers so just have basic window cleaning selection, don’t carry the brands I like, or just have bad customer service. Had a bad experience with Canada cleaning supplies when I was starting out, they sent me a bent channel and it was a hassle to get a replacement or refund, they accused me of bending it, and also the sales people are pretty rude in that when I was getting my first WFP I obviously had a lot of questions, and the sales people seemed pretty annoyed by my questions and didn’t really care to help me just pushing me buying one.

  13. Okay that's good to know thank you. Kind of where I ended up too but I never tried Canada cleaning supplies. Mark's been pretty great. I hardly use my wfp for most of the houses that I do...so its basically just rubber and random stuff for me 😂 lol

  14. Is there any sharpness on any fret? Sometimes the end/edge of the fret is a bit sharp if they didn't do a super thorough crowning/polish. Otherwise I'm not sure if it's around the 9th fret..

  15. I think this is something similar to the David Gilmour set up isn't it?? I can't remember exactly but if so there's tons of diagrams online if you search. If it doesn't sorry for not being helpful.

  16. Dude here but don't feel too bad. Pick up where you left off when you can. You're crushing it.

  17. He dropped a diss track to the human population. I get it tho…

  18. True, might not be cost efficient just yet. Problem is, I don't want to show up on anything of their stuff nor be associated with them in the least.

  19. I've got one for you. Brought my daughter to daycare. Noticed the outside door of their shed attic blown out by wind and inside I saw a glimpse of Eames fiberglass chairs.

  20. Ive never heard of these chairs, do you have any idea on the value?

  21. I got the whole “imagine having a family reunion every year!” pitch and they were not prepared for me to trauma dump about my parents’ divorce and how hard it is coming from a broken home and what it was like to feel insignificant growing up because regardless of whose house we were at, my brother was always the favorite.

  22. I had a terrible experience in Cumberland. Bunch of rednecks threatened me in a washroom. Was not much fun. Always heard rumours of rampant incest as well. Disclaimer this is very old information, soooooo, yea might be fine.

  23. I just run di only but I think you should get zero... If it's going through the RO membrane and then getting polished with the di?

  24. Just might be the best caption I've ever seen.

  25. It is possible this is a prescription interaction. If not his partner REALLY hates him. I mean, if your working at a fast food joint and somebody comes in this high you convince them they have the flu, should go home, and call them a ride.

  26. A friend's dad's diabetic. If his sugar level gets too low he can seem completely hammered.

  27. dude looks like he will never admit how happy he is to be inside with you all lol.

  28. I don't have any constructive comment except that meme is hilarious

  29. Hogs take six months to revert to their more feral form. Bobby turned feral after a few days. Bobby is clearly built different.

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