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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. I was sat next to the kitchen and the smell of the butter on they melt for steak cooking was so strong, it was sickening. I like butter as much as the next guy, but this was overwhelming

  2. I love yam hill pub, used to go there frequently. Is it still around?

  3. I love yam hill pub, used to go there frequently. Is it still around?

  4. That is a cute looking cub - and excited for your purchase! one of my cubs always sits with me in my "smoking room" - I don't think it affects her (she doesn't act different), but she likes to be with me while I do my thing. very sweet.

  5. Well he’s no Roy Donk but there’s still a chance he could be talented enough for the Colgate hour

  6. Ok ok maybe you’ll know this one?? ROY DONK?? Anyone??

  7. Go to Ohio Provisions in Carroll, it's not that far. Terrasana sucks and their tenders are blasphemous.

  8. Interesting. When I first got my med card I spent some time opening up tabs for all the dispensaries in the area and saw, in spite of what many here claim, nearly the same prices for the same brand’s products across the board. I don’t really know why someone would drive a half hour out of the way to save $5 on some edible. Nor do I have the time or interest in scouring each site for so-called “deals”; I’ve found at Terrasana, at least, that most of their sales aren’t even listed and you have to look through them there. The point of all this rambling is that if the place you mentioned actually does have better customer service to help me find a strain with the lowest rated thca, then perhaps it is worth the drive. Because I drive so much for work I tend to be very ambivalent about driving around town.

  9. Worth it. They're nicer and more knowledgeable. Selection is good and it's as consistent as the overall program will allow. They only take cash though, heads up. For me, the drive isn't much worse than Grandview but I know that's not true for all. I hardly ever wait in line and it's not too devastating even if there is a slight one on a busy day, not like some of these places. 😆

  10. Thanks for your help. Where do you do your research that you mentioned? At the producer/grower web site, the lab website, or such?

  11. Oil & gas pipeline inspector and I get paid about $3k per week. Not sure if I want to reveal my inspection specialty (e.g., utility, welding, coating, environmental) but I spend more time driving to my projects than I do actually looking at them. It’s an incredible job, tbh, sometimes I can’t believe it’s real. Probably only “work” about 15-20 but get paid for 60. The mafia is real, folks.

  12. Thank you for sharing. I miss Oregon terribly.

  13. Suddhartha is my favorite book and I feel the same as you. It left an indelible impact on me after I read it in my early 20s. I should re-read, thank you for the inspiration.

  14. I’m also from STL and moved here a few years ago. Dublin is much more interesting than Powell.

  15. well i went with a reservation at Niko's because they had availability, and I like german village. afterwards i can walk to another interesting place for a happy hour with my new 'do

  16. depends on where you're located...many cities have a community glass blowing center, such as Glass Axis in Columbus, OH or 3rd Degree in St. Louis. lots of them. beyond that, look for classes or workshops offered by individual artists, as they might offer a basic ornament or pumpkin or paperweight making class, those are usually about 2 hours. I got my start by taking a six week glass intensive at 3rd degree in st. louis, and then because i was young and still in college, i was able to audit a year of glass blowing in my university's art department. that might also be an option - some bigger glass programs like the one at Kent State might occasionally offer public workshops. i just got back into it after a 10 year hiatus - it's addictive!!

  17. I asked about this when i got my card too - i am equally dismayed. the selection and prices are poor overall but the lack of even a single real cbd flower option.

  18. So how was it? We’re my down votes worth it or we’re the fans obnoxious

  19. Everybody was so kind! No one spat on me or cursed me; in fact, people even came to have their picture with me because I was wearing a particularly bright yellow Hawaiian style Oregon shirt! I was not expecting an upset but was pleasantly surprised that even while losing, OSU fans were a gracious and friendly crowd. It was a great day.

  20. Well I hope they’re responsible and have gotten vaccinated

  21. I used to be able to regularly get 1:1 cbd:thc strains in Ohio last year. I have not seen either of those strains in almost a year, and high cbd strains (with little thc) show up on the menus occasionally, but not regularly enough to count on. Unfortunately, the demand in Ohio is for very high thc strains, and there just doesn't seem to be enough of us wanting high cbd for it to make it worth the growers time I guess.

  22. Thank you for reply. The same demand for ultra high thc strains ruled in Oregon for a number of years; it wasn’t until recreational passed and the market expanded that lower thc strains became more accessible. There were always a few, not many, but a few cbd flower strains available. I am surprised that demand is so low here! Sad!

  23. So I finally got the cartridge model number, and it isn't a Shure.

  24. What I would recommend would try and get the model number of turntable. So not to over spend.

  25. Thank you for your help! I’ll see if I can get the model number of the current cartridge.

  26. Just a 2-3 hour trip to Hol Chan or Mexico rocks is normally $50-$60 USD per person.

  27. if the two friends had you at the marine reserve you broke the law. Illegal is usually cheaper. you dont need a guide if you are snorkeling in non marine reserve areas just go out there with a kayak and use the tie offs.

  28. you are a very dumb person whose constant snarky, unhelpful, and rude comments on everyone's posts in the belize sub makes me wonder what a miserable clown you must be in real life to be around. I NEVER said ANYTHING about going to spearfish in the hol chan marine reserve, you just made that up to satisfy your need to troll and act like a complete idiot. please do everyone a favor and find some other hobby than replying with your typical stupid snark to people's earnest questions.

  29. Hey, so my wife is a travel agent and she can work with Apple Vacations to help you find what you're looking for and also negotiate group rates (with no charge for her to book it, so you can probably get a better deal than you'll find online if you book yourself), check on charter flights if you're all coming from the same airport, set up airport transfers, book excursions in advance (which tends to be cheaper and guarantees you a spot since things will start to get really busy now that Covid vaccines are more available).

  30. Thank you! Will send you a msg when I get a few more minutes later today.

  31. Oh well. I’ll find one. I have already found some on a cursory glance at hotels.com that can take 4 per room at about $600/night. I’m sure I can contact Apple vacations or Costco too. I was just seeing if anyone here had suggestions. Guess not. Worth a try. Thanks tho!

  32. I built a PC for my friend in this case recently and I'm currently running the bottom 2 and side for intake and rear for exhaust. The rear however has a nzxt AIO so if your really concerned u may want to try that out. My cpu temps peak at 80 running aida64 with an average of 75 at 100% load for 30min keep in mind this is with no under volt and silent fan curve. So if you put a more aggressive curve and a good underfoot you should be peaking in the 70s and averaging in the 60s. I do recommend getting a higher quality thermal paste though like thermal grizzly or arctic MX 4 or even one of noctua pastes. If u do decide to run an AIO use it as exhaust for best temps in this case.

  33. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. However, the only recommended solution that proved to really manage both noise and thermals was a larger tower cooler. The AIO I installed ran at full blast and was bothersomely loud. I put on a hyper 212 evo and that kept temps manageable but unfortunately a problem developed with the motherboard in which the system would randomly shut down even at low temps and then CPU debug light would come on. Wouldn’t restart until I unseated and then reseated the 3080 GPU. I was able to RMA the board and will try another build in a different case.

  34. i'm looking at these images and it really does look like your rear fan is exhaust. if your side fan is exhaust too, that would be a huge problem. sorry if this is exasperating, but... you're absolutely sure its intake? to be clear, air flows into the fan from the side with the blades, and goes out the back, which is the side where the label is visible.

  35. And you're correct: the rear is not currently set to intake. it is exhaust. so. I am officially shamed. since it is a grave shame i will submit to the removal of a finger, per the yakuza code.

  36. It doesn’t matter, you don’t need them and if they’re moldy now they’ll get moldy again. If you have any live kombucha still around that didn’t get any mold, use that as a starter and use the ratios for sugar listed in this sub’s wiki. Otherwise, just pick up a bottle of unpasteurized kombucha from the store and use that as starter, with no pellicle. Make sure to really clean everything thoroughly, you want any traces of that mold gone before starting again.

  37. Thank you for your help. I do have a couple bottles of buch that never carbonated, and never got moldy, with the stringy kombucha yeast stuff in the bottom. i can portion that out into my 1 gallon starter jugs, and hopefully that will work.

  38. That’s a good plan, but a 500ml bottle is only enough to start 1 or 2 gallons safely. Using less kombucha as a starter will increase chances of mold again, so I’d use a higher ratio of the starter kombucha.

  39. good to know. i have two or three bottles of uncarbonated unflavored buch, never got moldy. i'll see how much of the stringy stuff is actually in them. i also have a healthy pellicle, an absolute monster, that escaped the mold.

  40. Undervolt the cpu until it reaches decent temperatures under prime95 (less than 80c) and keep monitoring temperatures while you play. Also try opening the case, the temperature could drop significantly. If after all this it keeps crashing, the problem is elsewhere. 100C is dangerously high, and combining this already high temperature with the heat produced by the gpu it could likely cause an emergency shutdown. To be completely honest prime95 is a worst-case scenario (temperatures in normal conditions could be many degrees lower) but it's still possible that you have a temperature problem

  41. undervolt? i guess i could mess with that but would rather not if it is going to impact performance...

  42. Yeah with such a small heat sink like that, you have to accept performance wont be as good as a large tower cooler or a big radiator. As he said undervolting doesnt guarantee that itll reduce performance, but after a certain point yes it will

  43. undervolting by even -.1 caused system instability! :( what is going on? i flipped the bottom fans to the (appropriate) intake position, so now three intake fans and one exhaust (side). testing the -.1 undervolt for an hour in intel xtu was fine, temps didn't get up above 80s. but as soon as i tried cyberpunk 2077 the system froze and a prolonged error noise occured before the system restarted.

  44. The Passive Aggressives are the smallest practical DIY speaker with anything approaching full-range sound. If you truly need them to connect wirelessly to the computer, just feed them from a simple

  45. Thanks. Yup, i think the passive aggresives might be a fun project!

  46. Build a set of overnight sensations or quarks and a sub and have done with it. Shove the the features into the amp and then take your time making nice looking grills.

  47. Sweetest boi! Hope he makes it another 21 years :)

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