1. Are you sure that's a M52? That looks like it's got the head of the M50 as the M50 has the oil cap towards the rear of the engine bay and the M52 has it to the front. The M52 does supposedly have the plastic oil filter housing top but can't tell what the intake is but seems a little to the round side and like an M52 intake..? Can you switch M50/M52 heads even? Cause if so saves me a lot for stupid cosmetic stuff later down the line.

  2. M50 valve cover and intake but yeah it’s an m52b28 vanos

  3. what transmission are you using? i’m doing a b28 swap in my 325 and not sure what clutch/flywheel to run for m52 to getrag (m50 trans)

  4. My swap came with zf and front half of drive shaft. Make sure you get that with trans

  5. If you’re dropping an LS in there let me know what you end up using for a rear end.

  6. I plan to use either the 6 cylinder cars or m3 rear end

  7. Makes sense. I thought of doing something like that but some people on the forums said they had issues with axels exploding if they used the axels from either a 325i or 328i. I saw one person who mounted a ford 8.8in but that looks like it would be an expensive and difficult job to do.

  8. They definitely seem to explode easy.. I drift 240sx for the past 3 years and heard the horror stories but I’m to the point I don’t want to trash it… they’re getting hard to find

  9. i am planning on repairing and flocking my dash come the summer. All said, would you do it again?

  10. I also say how I’d do it differently

  11. 100% would do it again for all trim pieces and I talk about it in my video!

  12. I just got an 07 with 80k for 6k clean title

  13. Micro squirt check the YouTube link!

  14. Where’s it at? I’ll come get it lol

  15. Got an E36 getting that setup. Subscribe on YouTube to watch progress

  16. Translation: I spent way too much money on a stripped out, hunk of junk worthless trash heap that is more scrap than automobile

  17. Got it for $1500 with R33 ganadors lol that paid for the car itself

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