1. Vegans oppose needless suffering. You really seem unaware of the standard logic for someone who was vegan for over five years

  2. You dodged my question. Seems contradictory to give preferential treatment to one species over another.

  3. I must eat something. It is justified speciesism to feed on plants because they do not suffer and cannot be robbed of sentience

  4. That's a question, not a point. And I'm not sure I even understand the question anyway.

  5. You mean raw meat? Most people don't eat raw meat very often lol

  6. No I mean fresh meat. And plenty of people eat raw meat. Almost every type of cuisine around the world include raw meat. I haven't eaten any substantial source of C besides meat in over a year. No deficiencies.

  7. Of course they are. They're animal foods. But they likely won't provide significant amounts of fat, so most people cannot rely on them as a staple food.

  8. Potentially, if you're okay with dairy. But ruminant meat has a much better nutritional profile compared to chicken and fish, so it makes sense to eat it regularly.

  9. I knew very little about nutrition at the time. So maybe if someone was able to convincingly show me how deficient the vegan diet is and what health outcomes I could expect, that might have influenced me. But like most vegans, I fell for the dogma, not the truth.

  10. Skinning is pretty much the same for most animals. Best way is to have someone show you. But once you've done one, you can do most others.

  11. First time is because I started dating a vegan. Second time was to reduce animal suffering.

  12. Weight gain or loss can be associated with any diet change. You may be just eating more calories now that you're incorporating meat.

  13. Not necessarily. My hunger ebbs and flows depending on what I'm eating and my activity level.

  14. He was right about a lot of things, but so we're many others like Elul and Mumford before him. He was no right about randomly killing people.

  15. More meat and fat. Or just go carnivore and don't worry about tracking.

  16. Everyone's tolerances are different but if I eat 100% chicken too much of it gets converted into carbs. It spikes my blood sugar and gives me food cravings. You still need fat, can't go all carnivore high protein, or at least I couldn't.

  17. No, low fat carnivore is a starvation recipe. Ideally it's high fat, moderate protein. No one can tolerate 100% chicken with no carbs.

  18. After many years of experimenting, I do best on a roughly 95% animal foods diet. I mostly eat meat, fat, butter, and eggs, with some fermented vegetables and seasonal fruit on occasion.

  19. I'm glad you found what works for you! Can you tell me more about the fermented vegetables? Do you make them at home? I've only ever had things like kimchi and sauerkraut.

  20. Yep, I make them at home. Very easy. I stick to kimchi and saurkraut, but you can ferment pretty much anything. Sometimes I'll mix in things like carrots, radishes, or whatever else comes out of the garden. But those are my staples.

  21. Thanks, I thought as much. I'm also considering getting bacon in bulk, for some reason it's going to be cheaper than getting some meat cuts.

  22. There are conflicting opinions on bacon. Personally, I wouldn't eat it every day. Many brands add sugar and preservatives, so make sure you're getting something high quality, which will cost more. It also doesn't have the nutrient profile of ruminant meat. It really is worth getting ruminant meat if you can. If there's any possible way to add to your food budget, it's worth it. Maybe get a Costco or similar membership and stock up during sales.

  23. Ahh ok. Is goat available where you are? I love goat but it's hard to get in the US. I think some African countries eat it often. Might be another option.

  24. Number of meals is not a requirement. But most people tend to feel satiated on 1-2 meals a day, so they just fall into it. Either way, it doesn't really matter much.

  25. Impossible to say, but if you want to speed it up, get rid of grains, keep vegetables and fruit to an absolute minimum, and add red meat. Organs too if you can.

  26. You should eat organs in the proportion they appear on an animal. A steer's liver is maybe 7-10 pounds, compared to 400+ pounds of muscle meat. That's the ratio you'd get from hunting an animal.

  27. What kind of project is this? People might be more willing to play along if you give some detail

  28. If you're eating to satiety, then you're good. Just be careful with fruit. A high fat, high carb diet is pretty much the worst combo. See the Randall Cycle. I eat fruit only when in season locally. People can run into problems I they're eating fruit all the time combined with fat

  29. That’s great to hear, I’m so glad you’re feeling better now! I hope to transition to more of an animal based diet as well. Hopefully it will improve my mood and acne as well 😅

  30. Always happy to chat about the transition if you ever want.

  31. There are also two types of fat (visceral and subcutaneous). Tallow from visceral fat (usually kidney fat) is much harder/cleaner at room temp

  32. That's true. I've rendered fat trimmings before and it's not as clean tasting

  33. Also dairy and seafood and non red meat. All carnivore.

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