1. Why would you even want a girl that would say that? Sounds like you dodged a bullet to me

  2. When teasing: don't ever joke about someone's beliefs. Everyone associates their beliefs with their personal identity and will be highly offended. Make fun of them for small stuff like putting pineapple on pizza, etc.

  3. Nah, this ain't right. She's obviously drunk, and her slap barely did anything. The guy had no reason to hit her other than wanting to "defend his honor"

  4. I bet you think if both guy and girl are drunk and they have sex, the guy is guilty of raping her huh

  5. GTA online is the reason why their next games will blow your mind. How did they fuck themselves over by making billions of dollars. If people think Rockstar fell off and aren’t about to make the most ambitious game ever with gta 6 they’re not really thinking logically.

  6. I don't recommend this for beginners. It's not really a "guide", it's more about the lore of pick-up. (And if you use it as a guide it's also really outdated)

  7. Can I ask why you're so set on cold approach? There's plenty of other (and better) options out there. Social activities and hobbies probably being the best.

  8. You do lose your time. Repeating the same mistakes over and over again like this guy isn't a gain.

  9. You can categorize posts by replying to this comment. Voting will conclude in 12 hours and the post will be assigned a flair with the category chosen by the community.

  10. I can't help if you plan on sharing it, but if it's just for you, you can save it as a preset so you can quickly go back to it.

  11. Another theory on it is that our brains are hardwired to search for faces. We know what they should look like, and how they should react. When they don't react in a normal way, our brain realizes something isn't right.

  12. Great grandparents (and so on) really amaze me. We only know them for a small period of time, if any, but they lived a whole life. They had victories and failures, struggles and triumphs. There were times they wanted to cry and give up because nothing was going right, and times where they couldn't have been happier.

  13. The right attitude towards women is a thing of maturity.

  14. When I first started, I was pretty much a clone of my favorite rapper at the time. Then I got really into another artist and I ended up imitating them. After awhile, the influences morphed into me having my own sound.

  15. Glaceverb reverb. Super lightweight and I personally love how it sounds. (Also completely free)

  16. Droptopwop. Then listen to el gato, if you like that you'll love his old stuff. I personally love Trap God 3 and WW3: Lean

  17. For every good song I make, I make about 2-3 absolute shit ones. I only release the ones I think are good

  18. You get 50 free prompts per month. You could buy more if you run out. Not ideal but it is what it is.

  19. He could be bill belichek but it doesn’t change how terrible it feels to see uga and bama pull in blue chip recruits while we are radio silent on the recruiting front. Big cat weekend needs to pay some dividends

  20. Audio interface and some studio headphones. (ATH-M40x or m50x would be good and pretty cheap)

  21. The defining feature in animal combat is mass. A wolverine is ferocious and well armed but would never challenge a comparatively meek black bear simply because it's x10 larger. A fin or tail slap would shatter bones which is seen when orcas do hunt them. They don't start taking bites until the whale is exhausted instead ramming it and quickly fleeing to avoid a lethal charge or slap.

  22. Confidence is not an emotion. You can't wait around until you feel confident. You have to put in the work and build the foundation to be confident. (Such as working out, being successful at something, etc.)

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