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  1. (This was my comment on another post. )

  2. I've definitely been thinking a Predator vs Mongols scenario would be awesome. There'd be a shit ton of cool horseback warfare like we got a taste of from Taabe.

  3. Imagine the Mongolian era. The yautja bring their own stable and breed of stallion. Similar to bring their own war dogs.

  4. We eat at a local Mexican restaurant in rural Ohio. Food is pretty good. Two of the male servers know I drink a lot of regular ice tea not sweet. ( there is no unsweet tea. Only sweetened and regular.) they both will put it in a big beer mug. The girls don’t. The boys keep up in the tables. The girls don’t. We tip decent. Wife used to be a server 20yrs ago ( she’ll remind you of course) she takes care of the bill whil I handle the kids and tips what she feels is comparable to the made up rate and what service we received and where we are. If it’s a regular place we tip well.

  5. She is turning them into pointy spatulas.

  6. Rolling around like a boss level avoiding the strikes and hits.

  7. Tipping. I’ve never been out of country but from what I hear/read is it’s not acceptable in other countries but here in the US. There is a Tip cup or option for damn near everything. And some for jobs where they just hand you a product.

  8. And that is why the sign in the bathroom says “employees must wash their hands before returning to work.”

  9. Saw Ted McGinley from married with children at the Costco Polaris. Just before his stint in dancing with the stars.

  10. Boss gets paid a dollar. I get paid a dime. That why I poop on company time.

  11. Most people that “hike” that I know of go to public parks that are fenced in, patrolled,have playgrounds and huts for bday parties.

  12. I looked at the pic first and said “wow she let herself go.” Then read the title and was like oh an actor doing their job acting.

  13. Cleared a blocked septic tube in our yard. The tube that goes to the drain area. Big pile of dirt when done. The pile sat there for a year due to shoulder reasons. That spring a tomato plant started growing to near 3’ tall. Didn’t get any decent tomatoes. Don’t think I’d use them if it did.

  14. Viva La Dirt league does it well

  15. Rinse it well. Sauté it with butter, garlic,sea salt and pepper with diced onions. /s

  16. Milli Vanilli upping their new mix tape.

  17. Go through history and pick some of the largest heaviest battles.

  18. Get out of jail cards ? Get out of speeding ticket cards. ? Better than a red lobster 100$ bill.

  19. I thought the tear drop end was for popping blackheads.

  20. Go through history and pick some of the largest heaviest battles.

  21. The Predators was a bad movie. Too much forced humor. Reshoots because a cast member has issues with a formerly convicted pedo then make all the reshoots about a 10’ tall alien pedo hunting a 12yrs old And killing a bus load of ptsd veterans. Then hiring the Sci-fi channel midnite movie from the late 90s to make a poor cgi predator suit with Holbrook wearing a thrifts store military outfit.

  22. The movie feels like someone took 5 different drafts of the script, as well as the script of a completely different science fiction movie, tossed them in a blender, and hit frappe.

  23. Shane black knows better. He was in the first.

  24. He throws amazing parties but the hot dogs taste like shit.

  25. We’ve been audited once. Years ago. We will be in the list prob.

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