1. Curious Expedition is a pretty fun little strategic exploration dice game. The second one is out and seems to be getting good reviews, though I haven't played it myself.

  2. i stopped playing hollow knight after i kept dying 10 mins into the game years ago. should i try again? i assume it gets harder and harder. not a fan of souls like. i stop elden ring after 40h at area 2 because it becomes too difficult.

  3. Dude you can move the start button to the left where it’s suppose to be. There’s always people that feels this way with a new operating system. One day you’ll be complaining that windows 12 sucks why can’t we go back to win11. Just gotta press forward

  4. Over 1100 hours. Never seen act 4. Mostly because I feel the game is poorly paced and the combat and lack of interesting character progression become boring after level 13.

  5. Wut! Thats a long time for just replaying tye first 3 acts. You must have replayed like 10 times?

  6. Yea i did. For me, Folliculitis is bacteria inflammation oil. Alopecia is stress related.

  7. What did you do to get rid of your folliculitis? I wouldn’t mind doing a buzz cut but my folliculitis has my confidence down.

  8. Get rid of inflammation with antiinflammatories like vitd,fishoil,meds,etc. Bacteria with antibacteria wash meds etc. Oil with suitable amount of washing.this means dont over wash or under wash as overwashing causes skin to become more oily. Harshness of soap too Dont cause friction in that area too as it irritates the skin, use a soft tower etc. Also find out why you get it. Some people get it through stress, friction, internal inflammation etc. I get it through drinking too much caffeine. Shocker.

  9. Does the storyline picks up? I'm at the part where Guinevere joined me but I'm already burned out. Also the moral system is terrible imo. There's almost no room for role-playing as you just have to pick a moral and keep following it, any deviation means putting yourself behind.

  10. Let those puppies out!!! Let 'em out!!!!

  11. Because that’s how they’re literally trained to be lol.

  12. The guy so good they named him twice.

  13. Appearance is the outer cake that makes me want to eat it. Whether it tastes good or not is the personality. Bad personalities means the cake taste like shit. And crazy bitches means the cake is poison.

  14. well i have a skyline view at my house and boy can i tell you how many weird lights i see at night moving in erratic fashion.

  15. shit will happen in life, if you fall down pick yourself up again. It's not the end of the world. things will always become better.

  16. because women don't logic. they can do no wrong. they can hate short men but men are not allowed to dislike fat women.

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