Top is BBBY's statement today. Bottom is a statement by Redbox Entertainment last March, shortly before their acquisition by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. The All-Stock deal resulted in Redbox's share price increasing from $2.42 to $18.20 in a month before the M&A deal was finalised.

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741 Date Coming Up and 2 Year Swap Theory

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  1. It’s quite puzzling. Everyday shorted to hell. Whatever retail orders are routed to dark pools.

  2. I don’t know if there are many retail orders left right now. Seems like buy pressure just disappeared.

  3. Yep. Take the float down to nothing and then stop buying so it is really way to manipulate the price lower. Hopefully we get a vertical move again soon.

  4. Your trade will work 90% of the time. The .1 delta implies that 10% of the time your trade is broken. If you put your entire portfolio in this it is going to get blown up at some point.

  5. There is no GME and Baby connection. If RC gets it he will take it privately at these prices and then take it public in the next Bull market.

  6. Just curious if this effectively disproves biggies theory or if it’s just legal jargon.

  7. The bond deal indicates someone is interested. Will they still be interested now that the deal is terminated? The price is a lot cheaper now.

  8. Loaded up 1k more shares so hopefully its good....

  9. You continue to believe that the very system you do not trust can’t just make up a random reason to make your account full of real shares be the same as those held on a broker? They are self-regulated. I get the idea and I believe it has a purpose - but not by itself - there has to be actual pressure on price, leverage, maybe a nice little gamma ramp like last year to ignite this thing. But each on their own. OP provides nice information many people maybe don’t even bother to read about because «OpTiOnS bAD - cRiMe»

  10. Some of the best DD authors here are gone because of the option hate. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Option volume has fallen over the last year and so has share price and volatility.

  11. Point of clarification: 100% DRS does not make a company "essentialy private and off the market". Not even sort of.

  12. Yes. It will continue to trade on synthetic liquidity created by EYFs. The price will be determined by buy and sell pressure, albeit with a modified supply.

  13. There are several theories that all coincide with that date range. We only need 1 of them to be right!

  14. If I remember correctly, it is required by SEC to file the earnings report no later than 45 (or 40, I don't know which one it is) days since the end of Q3. It looks like Q3 ended late November so the latest that BBBY can file the earnings report should be 13th of January (or 9th). They haven't officially announced any dates, we'll just have to wait patiently.

  15. This is interesting because the date for earnings release is usually announced further in advance, unless there is some reason that they would not need to file earnings or some major announcement.

  16. For me I did a bunch of research but I really needed to try it before I understood. Then I did more research and it clicked.

  17. You could try selling calls, but the premiums are drying up because both of those stocks are dying. AMC’s going to penny stock status with the almost routine dilutions AA is hitting shareholders with. GME isn’t too far behind.

  18. Yes I say stick it out and wait for the next cycle. Probably don’t have to wait more than a month or two.

  19. Shorts could have closed but they were waiting for this. Moon in January.

  20. I remember first time reading the swap DD 2 yr out theory. To be honest, at the time I was a bit deflated but now that all that time has passed, I could do another 2 yrs standing on my head, buying cheap shares to add to my DRS pile! 💎🙌

  21. I am VERY curious as to why 1/13 was chosen as the date for the 2 year swap price impact in OP’s thesis.

  22. That’s a fair statement. To me and the way I have played this over the years there are a few dates per year that tend to set off these runs, and this just so happens to be one of them.

  23. That just makes you an insider. You need 51% for a controlling stake.

  24. You could probably acquire 10% of SOFI in a month through the open market without driving up the price given how liquid it is. I would bet quite a bit to say you could increase it materially more over the space of a few months without this stock going above $5.

  25. When I mentioned $50 I was referring to buying over 50% of the company. You are probably right that the price wouldn’t need to move much if 10% was purchased over a month or so, but once that first filing is out the stock will get repriced based on that portion of the float being locked and people will start jumping in.

  26. As long as there's a catalyst to get onto the ramp... Otherwise, it'll all be wasted.

  27. I don’t think so. Look at all of those ITM puts and almost no ITM calls. If those pits are not rolled that is a lot of negative gamma that will come off the chain when that settles which will be hedges with the buying of shares.

  28. Gme is the moass play, has always been the most shorted + float getting locked through drs

  29. SLGG so they can handle metaverse/gaming advertising along with the marketplace for metaverse/gaming items?

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