1. I still don’t understand the hype of Culver’s. It’s closer to me than any other burger fast food place. I went once probably 6 years ago and never had the desire to get it again. The red onions they use are cut so thick that it overpowers the burger. Even in this photo you can see that the onion is about as thick as the patty. Even outside of the onion, I wasn’t really impressed. I think the frozen custard was the best thing I could say about my meal.

  2. Weird maybe locations are inconsistent. The only food I can tolerate raw red onion is on a burger and I’ve been to Culver’s many times and the red onion is cut thin enough where it compliments the burger. Maybe it depends on the region

  3. The amount of powder on Taki’s Mini’s is so damn sad. Barely any powder. I had some off brand Takis the other day that beat real Taki’s out of the water! I wish I remembered e name

  4. I’ve been trying to find him! So far have three of the other spring friends! I did get the other froggy one at least

  5. Just one single tiny JD breakfast burrito contains 44% of your daily recommended intake of sodium.

  6. Oh I was so confused! I thought it was Sevendust, the band formerly known as Cowboy Up!

  7. The actual reason why they uninvaded was due to Ghandi’s threats of impending nuclear militarism.

  8. If Gandhi was still alive, we would have already plunged into nuclear war. Dude was unhinged.

  9. I’m this close to switching to Apollo even though it sucks ass but the Reddit mobile ads suck more.

  10. I would guess it's not Ree interacting, but one of her social media staff. She has writers and editors just for her blog now. But hey,if you enjoy it, Life's too short not to enjoy things!

  11. That’s another reason I love Pati Jinich! She responds to almost every comment on her blog. ( it’s not as large as Ree’s) I asked her a question about a recipe and she responded! I know it was her because I also asked her where she got some of her accessories in her outfits and she responded :)

  12. No we do this in Mexico. Raw onion, cilantro, lime wedges and radish slices

  13. Combine this with getting two of them back to back. Its even worse on smart tv app if you leave and it goes into screensaver mode. Two unskippable ads back to back, video plays for 5 seconds, two MORE ads back to back.

  14. It does this ok Roku too. If you have the ability, turn off screensaver. I watch a lot of YouTube and this has been a lifesaver

  15. It gets way worse around election time. I can’t tell you the amount of Tom Steyer 15 second long ads I had to sit through.

  16. You insisting on being cryptic instead of explaining your reasoning isn't making me want to reassess my decision.

  17. I grew up in Charlottesville and always so nice to see them lose!! Good job FU from this VT grad

  18. As someone from Virginia same! I think only William & Mary was disliked by people more up there

  19. Cebolla is Spanish for Onion! I thought I was crazy and turns out it’s very similar in Ukrainian! “tsybulya”

  20. It’s pretty fricking sweet. It’s why we moved here as soon as my job went fully virtual. My only gripe is the unholy amalgamation of all the worst driving habits.

  21. The driving is the worst I've experienced in this world. HOLY SHIT. Apparently running red lights is something that is taught at a young age.

  22. And blowing through stop signs too. When I’m coming and I see them going 45 and almost t boning me. Why do that to your brakes?!

  23. Looks great! How do you make sure your lime curd doesn’t taste eggy? Last time I tried making it, I couldn’t save it :(

  24. Have you read the Maneater Mildred doujin? She was at her thiccest in that

  25. It’s happened to me as well. Keep alkaline water on hand for when you get the attacks. Droning the alkaline water helps SO much when this happens.

  26. He might not do it because it’s been overdone. He prioritizes quality over quantity. If you like Mandela Catalogue, give this a try:

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