1. Yes they are, though I’m sure you and I could find a few other ways to enjoy the day together too. 😈

  2. Celexa has changed my life. I put off any medicine for years due to addiction running in my family. My therapist convinced me that talking to my physician about those worries would help them prescribe something that would be beneficial. Enter citalopram. The doctor wrote me the script, I waited a month, then filled it. Had the prescription (10mg) and waited another 3 weeks before starting it. Honestly, it took a major panic attack and a terrible disagreement with my spouse. After he calmed me down, he looked at me and was honest and said babe, you need to start this medicine, this isn't healthy for you. Grumpily I said whatever and took the first pill. That was last January. I started at the 10mg and for about the first week and a half I was very tired and had weird brain fog, like everything was going slow. Really I felt high. Slowly that started to go away and I felt normal. Like actually normal. I didn't have any intrusive thoughts, no panic, I was waking up without being tired, focused at work, etc. Around the 5 month mark, the intrusive thoughts came back. I let it go for about a month and then the panic/anxiety came back too. I went to my doctor and she upped me to 20mg. I had no symptoms from changing to the higher dose, but it did help take away the unpleasant issues. I've been on 20mg since and have been very happy. The only negative I have is that it does affect my sex drive. It's not something I'm really thinking about, so my partner gets frustrated that I don't initiate often, but I enjoy it when he does. That's my biggest gripe, but I'm too scared to switch to another med. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I hope this helps!

  3. This really helped me out. Im seeing a psychiatrist on Thursday and I’m going to ask for short term Ativan and request Celexa. I’ve been on it before. It made me tired and affected my sex drive as well but really smoothed things out. Unfortunately, I have Crohn’s and have had a rough road. Just got a clean bill of health but I’m having some panic attacks for the journey. Your story really calmed me down. Im scared to take an SSRI again but hopeful

  4. I hope your appointment went well. Ativan makes me so sleepy so I only use that in an emergency situation. I hope you find what works for you!

  5. Wow! That is so shitty of your doctor. Do you see those shadows when you're on the meds, too?

  6. It's different for everyone, but when I went to 20mg I didn't even notice a change in tiredness. I would say 6 weeks is plenty of time.

  7. Much better than Folgers in your cup… to be clear we are talking about my cock in your butt. I don’t want a cock in my butt. 🤣🤣

  8. Well hello gorgeous. See anything you like? 😊

  9. The coffee looks delicious doesn’t it. 😊

  10. Hi thanks when I’m abroad then it be Starbucks but when I’m in my country it’d be Espresso House ☺️.

  11. Good morning sexy. I’m guessing you don’t get a lot of snow there? 😊

  12. Well, where we usually are we don't get any and where we're visiting only gets some occasionally. I need to come to you for more!

  13. You know you are always welcome. There’s lots of white stuff on the ground and I’d be happy to cover your beautiful tits with some too! 😈😈

  14. Hmmm… I’m not sure there’s quite enough snow for that. Perhaps we could stay inside and you can help me make some white stuff of a different variety… 😈😍😈

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